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Things to come

Monday, April 30th, 2018 by Holy at

Exit: Virtual Spirituality

This is going to be a short post: I’ve been working hard (and often) on a major release that expands upon the profile editing tools and integrates them into the main experience; The crude “DLC” tools for making all new building-blocks for custom projects or to share. It’s taking a long time. There are five tools, and a sixth is needed. Though small, they’re very dense, each of them. They are to be seamlessly integrated by replacing the 3D model viewing elements with the new tools, since they include views of the 3D models. They have a lot more personality, and they are able to use the same extensions as the player, and so appear identical to the games. Upon completion, only the level designer will remain to be similarly upgraded. I feel that I will want to embark on that project, since it will otherwise appear not up-to-code until I do so.

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Spinning plates!

Sunday, March 18th, 2018 by Holy at

Exit: To be continued...

So, I realized recently a bug was introduced into the level design tool — not long ago, but not so recently either — that is so sinister that I stopped everything to prepare a new release in order to minimize the possibility of spoiling anyone’s fun.

Truth is, I was looking for an out anyway, since the latest work has spun off into multiple different directions, some completely unpredictable. The genesis of this release sprung from an inspired moment, that I couldn’t have predicted at all, at the time. And ended with only the basics of that idea realized. Instead, the focus of this release became a small side project to find a way for the tool’s two number tables to be able to set a column to the same value for more than one row at a time — in any combination. I wanted to do this since two or three releases ago, because this will be important in the future, in order to fully take advantage of a new way to adjust the order items are displayed in game menus. The basic problem being that the items need to be in the game before they can be so adjusted, and until now there was no easy way to do that than to manually select every one individually and input a quantity figure into these tables.

The reason this mushroomed, is the tables themselves are unique among the element’s of Sword of Moonlight’s tools. And since they are only in two relatively insignificant places, I had not personally spent a lot of time with them, and now that I was doing so, I saw their evidently substandard state, and felt it was high time to bring them up to code, whatever it took.

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Friday, February 16th, 2018 by Holy at

Exit: Mind & Body

Here is the latest release: the first in a three part series; parts 2 & 3 to come later, but not next. Two weeks in the making … it extends two quantities peculiar to audience point-of-view characters to both supporting characters and historically non-character participants (i.e. traps, etc.)

Briefly, part 2 will introduce a newly modular particle effects framework. It will utilize these new quantities to lessen and intensify its effects. Even still, they are welcome and timely additions. And part 3 will extend its adverse side-effects to supporting characters.

The math differs ever so slightly. In course, the mathematics extension set has been amended to encourage customization and products future-proofing. Per always, details are provided inside the Forum Discussion, along with unplanned enhancements and corrections notes.

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Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 by Holy at

Exit: 2018

I’ve prepared a new release in 3 days flat, and am rushing it out to make this January 31 blog post.

I am very eager to work on Sword of Moonlight again. I’ve been absent since mid December, working on various things, some tangential to Sword of Moonlight, but mostly I’ve been very frustrated, feeling as if I was not being productive, whether or not I have been, the feeling persisted. Ostensibly I was working on a difficult problem to do with writing XML like documents and accoutrements to ZIP archives, within a framework of my own devising that is — as it turns out — perhaps too transparent for its own good. I cannot say why that work drug itself out for so long, other than it’s highly conceptual and because it was in service of a “software library” its bar is much higher than Sword of Moonlight’s. Adding insult to injury is the feature itself is more a logical gap than a pressing matter — no one really needs it, but logically it should be part of the feature set. It’s refreshing to be able to turn out a new and important feature in 3 days in comparison.

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Maps and menus and items, oh my!

Friday, December 15th, 2017 by Holy at

Exit: Out of the blue!

I’m presently dividing my time between Sword of Moonlight and finishing a rewrite of the COLLADA-DOM library that began at Sony. A month ago (30 days or so) I took a break from the other project and so — of course — returned to this one. I never got around to complementing the previous release as I’d intended to do. I usually ease back into this work by taking on smaller, more varied appetizers before I settle in for a main course. I do a few of these more substantial jobs every year.

This blog-post is about a new release; The substance of which is hard to categorize. It came about as a surprise; In short, I bit off more than I could chew.

Currently I’m postponing the major finishing touch in order to return to the other project for a time. I think this release grew from my experience having explored the Moratheia 2.1 demonstration in the months prior. I experienced some difficulties with it that I thought ought to be addressed. This release addresses two areas of concern.

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Let there be light

Monday, October 30th, 2017 by Holy at

Exit: Overtime

October was a good month for Sword of Moonlight. It started with an unscheduled release that turned into possibly the most consequential yet, and because of it I was able to really dig in to Moratheia’s 2.1 demonstration (pictured) resulting in a string of “patch” alerts on the back of the new release, the likes that can only come about from many hours of genuine, uninterrupted play.

Combined with the first surprise release from late this year, in Moratheia’s project Sword of Moonlight appears able to make a fully professional showing. The earlier release removes pixellation from detailed images that form cutout shapes that are applied to two-sided paper thin polygon shapes. It sounds like a cheap effect, but Moratheia makes use of this to great effect, as can be seen in its many fine tree limbs (pictured) and grasses. The second surprise release is more or less an omnibus that started with the simple objective of extending the kind of geometry that can be walked over without encountering glitches, but would snowball to enhance and make perfect the solidity of Sword of Moonlight’s artistic worlds.

Furthermore, in this process, insidious, showstopping bugs were isolated and eliminated from Mortheia’s demo.

I believe that very soon Sword of Moonlight will be suitable to stage a competitive commercial offering. Moratheia appears poised to be the first such offering. That said, that Moratheia exists at all is nothing to sneeze at. Sword of Moonlight is very user-friendly, but also many parts of it are strictly off limits to users, and so I cannot endorse its fitness as a complete product at this time, and do not expect to be able to do so any day soon. Nevertheless, Moratheia is living proof that with enough patience and know-how, Sword of Moonlight can deliver very impressive results.

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