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Extended Warranty
Extend Experiment & Exchange

In 2000 From Software introduced the world to “Sword of Moonlight”. A year later the last expansion set was posted to the official website. 2011; for users and players alike Sword of Moonlight cannot be relied upon to function in full or partial capacity depending on circumstances. Given the march of time and inevitable shifting of the computing landscape this should not exactly come as a surprise to anyone. The remaining units available in the online shop might amount to a lot of semi-collectible bricks, were not for Sword of Moonlight Ex.

Ex was a while coming, because Sword of Moonlight did not find its way around the world until more than a half decade after its Japan debut. Abandoned by its creators – no news of any unofficial SOM support groups carrying the torch back home – the promise and potential of SOM seemed all but lost save for a handful of eager KING’S FIELD devotees in the US. Some disaffected by the then decline of King’s Field, others enthralled by the real possibilities that SOM represented, gathered (in a highly disorganized way) to see what could be done about From Software’s could have been, should have been, magnum opus.

And much was done. And upon seeing this one day, one fan, curious to see if anything more could be done, finally resolved to fill the From Software shaped void, and so spent a lot of time with Sword of Moonlight, and that is how Sword of Moonlight Ex was made – you know, more or less. Ex itself is an (unofficial) extension framework for Sword of Moonlight. Or in different words, Ex is everything SOM is not or cannot be by itself. And in geekier words. If SOM was Elric, Ex is Stormbringer. Together they are an unstoppable force. Apart they are nothing of any use to anyone.

Here we go

Sword of Moonlight main menu

Getting Started, if you don’t have Sword of Moonlight (with Ex) setup for yourself, this is the best place to get started. It contains an always current guide including unofficial yet timely caveats and considerations to help you navigate the ever evolving seas that are Ex.

10 Responses to “Extended Warranty” of 21 Total

  1. kazumi says,

    hi that not me who post above

    can i regster name so login keep others awout?

  2. says,

    No, sorry. People cannot register right now.

    FYI: Kazumi, the バイアグラ comments use the same email address (… as a number of the other kazumi comments.

  3. kazumi says,

    I use mostly public cputer, i apologize deeply for bad understanding.

    I dont know how they must have my email. I want to build a game when
    I saw U.S. works for download. Please do not ban me I will regstr and build
    for a good game.

  4. says,

    Kazumi, you definitely sound like a “real” person interested in SOM.

    You can register in the forum right now. BBS link to the right >>

    I don’t know how your email is the same either. I’m pretty sure the spam did not get it from So probably somehow they got it on a computer you used, because there is something bad on that computer!!

    Thanks for the interest. Please please invite Japanese people to join our forum. There is a board for Japanese people to do with as they please.

    My Japanese is not good enough to interfere with whatever goes on there. I hope Japanese SOM fans will just take it over.

  5. kazumi says,


  6. kazumi says,

    I mean say what?

  7. says,

    Bing Translator in Japanese

    Sorry, best I can do.

  8. says,


    You can now try to download SOM here (

    README/English.txt has instructions in English only.

    If successful. You will want to use the “SVN Update” feature at a later date.

    Thanks for being interested in Sword of Moonlight!

  9. GoatWalker says,

    Hey there, I just downloaded the Sword of Moonlight EX version everyone recommends to use and when I was doing the initial updates, the following update leads to a 404 page. I don’t know if this is the right location to post this.

    This link is dead.

  10. says,

    Thanks for this notice! It’s been fixed just now. I’m sorry I don’t get notifications about comments. I usually see them when deleting spam! For the record, this was the file in the TOOL folder, but you should double-check to be sure you have the same version with the file Properties system Windows provides.

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