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Guest Login

Q : Is there some way I can check out the cool stuff inside the website without the hassle of registration?

A : There are a lot of cool features inside the site which it is desirable to not share with non-human denizens of the internet. And on top of that some of those features are a lot less polished than what you can find here on the outside. That is fine, it is just a reason to draw a line of distinction. As a matter of fact, it is a whole other website in there called “Sword of Moonlight Press”.

If you register/login you are automatically/technically an Author with all you need to start contributing to websites like and to Sword of Moonlight collective activism itself! There is however another way, for the curious but not quite committed “human denizen of the internet”.

Indeed it is probably not even ideal for everyone who just wants to take a peek to leave their mark on the website’s database. And so there is a special account for the everyman. It is called Guest Login, and it so happens the title is all that is needed in order to login as Guest.

Please forgive the last paragraph. And the ones above. It is all a bit circuitous so to not broadcast the important bits too blatantly. Enjoy logging in as Guest. But remember it is the least privileged account option available to you.

Do not forget to logout as Guest before posting comments unless that is what you really want.

It may be possible to login/post to the forum as Guest. But it is not recommended.

4 Responses to “Guest Login”

  1. Guest Login says,

    Why is it hard to register for this site?

    I tried getting an account, but it seems that the the stop spammers registration plugin prevents me…

    I was hoping to look into more info about how EX works on the forums and ask questions, but it seems to be difficult..

  2. Guest Login says,

    Is there a way to contact you out of site for questions?

    Mind if I give you an email to use?

  3. says,

    @Guest Login,

    If you are recognized as spam that’s a tough one. Be sure you fill out any forms that are presented as Turing Tests, and if you still can’t get through you can email the whois address for this website for now.

    That said you shouldn’t require an account to download and use Sword of Moonlight if you follow the site’s instructions. The only reason to require an account right now is to post in the forum, add pages to this website, and to edit external links and new pages into the wiki at

  4. says,


    The Stop Spammers plugin has been updated to a newer version. It seems to have a request for whitelisting form that can be filled out if you are deemed spam.

    Spam is a HUGE problem for user generated websites today. If you are deemed spam odds are your IP address has been commandeered by or used by a spammer at one time or another. The Stop Spammer plugin is one of many spam defenses installed on this website. It goes by just about everything except the credentials you supply…

    This can include all kinds of factors including how your browser interacts with the webpage. I did not see these comments. I would not have looked for them here. They did show up in the WordPress control panel, however they escaped me there, and I wouldn’t have noticed them immediately regardless. I recommend posting general comments like this to the latest blog entry on the front page in the future.

    This page especially is not a good place to post comments. In fact I will lock it now.

    Update: We went back to the previous version. For whatever reason it keeps out all spam, where the newest version is letting one or two trough each day. Also I (Holy) think I know who left these comments, and that they were eventually able to register on the same day without any help.

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