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Guest Login

Q : Is there some way I can check out the cool stuff inside the website without the hassle of registration?

A : There are a lot of cool features inside the site which it is desirable to not share with non-human denizens of the internet. And on top of that some of those features are a lot less polished than what you can find here on the outside. That is fine, it is just a reason to draw a line of distinction. As a matter of fact, it is a whole other website in there called “Sword of Moonlight Press”.

If you register/login you are automatically/technically an Author with all you need to start contributing to websites like and to Sword of Moonlight collective activism itself! There is however another way, for the curious but not quite committed “human denizen of the internet”.

Indeed it is probably not even ideal for everyone who just wants to take a peek to leave their mark on the website’s database. And so there is a special account for the everyman. It is called Guest Login, and it so happens the title is all that is needed in order to login as Guest.

Please forgive the last paragraph. And the ones above. It is all a bit circuitous so to not broadcast the important bits too blatantly. Enjoy logging in as Guest. But remember it is the least privileged account option available to you.

Do not forget to logout as Guest before posting comments unless that is what you really want.

It may be possible to login/post to the forum as Guest. But it is not recommended.

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