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Hello! I’m rewriting this page in 2023. The main page is the “Getting Started” setup guide. Sword of Moonlight “Ex” is a project I started around 2009, and at the time it needed a 5 letter file name to work, and I ended up calling it SomEx.dll and the name kind of stuck. So those who would rather not call my work here “Sword of Moonlight” will call it Ex, but I prefer you think of it as just Sword of Moonlight. I want to say more in this space, but in the meantime please checkout the user guide at

Getting Started, if you don’t have Sword of Moonlight (with Ex) setup for yourself, this is the best place to get started. It contains an always current guide including unofficial yet timely caveats and considerations to help you navigate the ever evolving seas that are Ex.

Troubleshooting, is for asking questions. Unfortunately the comments can cause the theme layout to break since the guide is so long.

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