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Frequently Asked Questions

Unless noted the Q&A answers are provided by Holy Diver.

Q: Why does my game slow to a crawl when I move in Windows XP?
A: You need to disable DirectSound hardware acceleration by running dxdiag. This is the default behavior on versions of Windows after and including Vista. As for why, sound devices are really not good at 3D acceleration.

Q: Why does Sword of Moonlight not work with my Windows environment? And why does it bring my computer to a crawl? Make it crash, etc, etc?
A: Because you’re not using Sword of Moonlight Ex.

Q: Why is my Sword of Moonlight game ugly and full of bugs and visual artifacts? Why must I suffer this game in dedicated full screen mode?
A: Because the game is not using Sword of Moonlight Ex. See link above.

Q: Can Sword of Moonlight Ex make my game do X?
A: Probably. Others may help you figure things out. But I only work with people who contribute to the entire Sword of Moonlight community in some way. A very easy way to do so is to help edit the wiki. We also very much need test dummies for whenever new versions of Sword of Moonlight software is released. Early adopters are very appreciated. Donations are also welcome. You can rest assured your donation is going to help the entire community.

Q: Is Sword of Moonlight Ex open source? Can I help with programming, debugging, and maintenance?
A: Yes it is. And yes you can. The source code and SDK is available alongside other files for download from this website.

Q: Why is this website so slow and choppy? Especially in the forums?
A: Because you are using Internet Explorer and it is very slow and choppy. Firefox is 10x faster but it has a poor threading model which ties screen refresh to scrolling, and therefore is pretty clunky (but very usable) on netbooks and nettops. You can read the website in the print view and use the forums in the handheld view.

Q: Does this website discriminate? You know, like most websites do?
A: No, not at all. You are free to participate and express yourself however you are comfortable as long as you make an honest effort to adhere to the website’s policies and do not become a constant strain to police. Neither is the website or its contents imperialistic. All facilities are available in whatever language, script, dialect desired as long as at least someone volunteers to do the necessary translation work!!

Q: Why are the pages on this website so poorly written and uninformative?
A: Because I suck I guess. Honestly I don’t have a ton of confidence in my ability to write anything, nor do I derive a whole lot of sustenance from the process itself. Writing is one of my least favorite things to do. That said I am literate enough and I do know good writing when I see it (as I see it) and guess what. If you don’t like it, literally anyone can write content for this site. If you can figure out how to register you can login and immediately start writing anything you want. If it is better than a blank page or what is already on a page then it will be copy edited if necessary and published joint copyright.

Q: Maybe bugs aside. Why is the website so hideous and difficult to read?
A: This is a matter of taste. And well I am sorry, but this is something I get to lord over. And yeah, I just said you have poor taste in websites in case you are wondering! If you don’t get the website’s esthetic then you may not be familiar with the Moonlight Sword. Otherwise I don’t want to know. If you are wondering why this or that is not where it should be, then you are probably not a minimalist like myself.

Q: Can I advertise my Sword of Moonlight related product here?
A: Why yes you can. In fact I would very much like to sprinkle some colour around the website in the form of randomized advertisements. Any space available is totally free of course. You can always donate to if you feel like it or you are successfully guilt tripped into doing so. And while on the topic, in case you are wondering. No you will never be subject to any other kind of advertising or 3rd party data gathering services here. Been there; done that. Lets just say that that is that.

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