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Sword of Moonlight

You can now use this Patreon link to support Sword of Moonlight. There is also an essay in there that’s worth giving a look.*

* If you do decide to pledge, know that there is a $0.30 credit card fee when you are billed once a month. So if you are only pledging $1.00 per month to our efforts here, only $0.70 will get through. If you pledge $1.00 to two (or more) different fund drives then the $0.30 is split between them.

* The accounts that you pledge into are paid out at the end of the month if there is more than $100 in the account. Approximately 5% goes to Patreon, and 2% comes out of the pledge on top of the $0.30 flat fee.

We don’t use so-called “social media” on this website, and neither does Holy, so if you can do anything to help to publicize the good work done here by directing people to the Patreon fund link, by all means please do.

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