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Translation Hosting

With Sword of Moonlight Ex and Exgettext it is possible to translate a Sword of Moonlight game or work in progress into Unicode. Unicode is a representation of all symbols and characters ever written by peoples all around the world since the dawn of written history. In other words, Ex makes it possible to translate games in any way you like as long as your script is already covered by the Unicode standard and font typefaces exist to meet its requirements.

Once translated a single translation file can be added to your game. If the file matches the language of your Windows OS your game will automatically play in this language unless you change your Ex.ini configuration file. If you are a game author, you can support many languages this way for your audience. If you’re a game player, you can easily help translate games however you prefer for your own enjoyment and that of others. In fact our aim is no less than translation of SOM works by players for players.

This works because a project represents a “text domain” which is comprised of numerous translations each denoted by an esoteric code according to international standards agreed upon for such purposes. Because the translations here are purely Unicode based these codes can be regarded as basic labels for different regional dialects, scripts, and other points of distinction.


There is a directory for each project situated in the top right corner of this webpage. If you’d like to start translating something new or don’t see your favorite game in the listing, you can do so by registering with and logging into the website in order to create a public or private “template” to be the basis for new translations. This process is covered step be step further down.

On the other hand, If you only want to play a game in your language of choice, you can see if a translation exists by navigating to the games directory page. Alternatively, if you’d like to see all of the translations according to a particular language cross references may be reached by simply appending the language code to this webpage address in your browsers address bar. This webpage also contains an accounting of each language so far in our translation database near the bottom.

Within any directory page there is a “File” link per each translation. This is the .mo extension file you will need to download and copy into your Ex enabled game’s lang directory. However it must not be dropped straight in. You must first find or create a folder with the same name as the corresponding language code. And inside that folder there must be another named LC_MESSAGES so that the .mo file will finally reside at lang\en_US\LC_MESSAGES.


In order to contribute to a translation, you must be logged in. There are links to each translation homepage available in the directory listings. Once the homepage is located, editing is very simple. Just look for a message you’d like to translate and click on the “translate” button. If you do not see the buttons you’re not logged in. Type your translation into the fields which appear upon pressing the button. You can do this as many times as you like. When ready, click one of the “compile revision” buttons which should now be visible. You will find yourself at the top of the page presented the changes you’re about to make. Review your revision, and press the big “Commit Revision” button. If all goes well you should receive a congratulatory message and your additions should now appear within the translation homepage.


There is at least one translation project completed or underway for the following language codes.

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