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2016: off to a fresh start

Friday, January 29th, 2016 by Holy at

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I’ve taken it upon myself to rewrite my Patreon homepage for Sword of Moonlight:

I’ve deliberately tried for a warmer approach this time. I am very methodical personally, as you’d expect from a software engineer, so to me it reads like a lot of superficial non sequiturs, from one incomplete thought to the next, but for pithiness sake, and because I think this is more like how most people communicate! I reckon a change is for the best. Plus it offers an opportunity to be more up-to-date about the exciting goings on of late.

The change was prompted by the decision at Patreon to switch to a new “streamlined” presentation. I just finished finalizing the necessary adjustments. Details are on the page.

I am still working on what will become Sword of Moonlight’s all new 3D modeling side. So I have nothing to report this month. There is three months of programming work now available in the CODE folder, under DAEDALUS. But it’s incomplete. It marks a milestone, but I was just wary to continue working on it any longer without committing some of the files to online repository for safe keeping. So, I guess that’s all. Until next month then! Thoughts in the Forum Discussion!!

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It's Work - Songs for Drella

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 by Holy at

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The musician Lou Reed has died. A legend of the New York rock scene, Reed co-founded The Velvet Underground before going on to a prolific solo career. In his later years, he took part in civil rights and environmental activism along with his wife, the musician and artist Laurie Anderson. In one of his final public appearances last month, Reed discussed the power of music to effect change.

“There’s only one great occupation that can change the world, that’s real rock ‘n’ roll. I believe to the bottom of my heart, the last cell, that rock ‘n’ roll can change everything. And I’m a graduate of Warhol University, and I believe in the power of punk. To this day, I want to blow it up. Thank you.” Lou Reed, 2013~1942

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Happy belated holidays!

Saturday, January 7th, 2012 by Holy at

Exit: The Third Dimension

So I failed to blog in December. Well in my defense I’ve been laboring over this: (stop! are you using a WebGL compatible browser? If not look into that now). Pretty neat wasn’t it. I am glad you thought so. If you would like to discuss what you just saw there is a group meeting in the west wing after 5.

And no, this is not the January blog. Just thought I’d knock the lame November blog down a peg. What’s that? Yes yes, I see. Hah! The blog says its the first blog of 2012 and is therefore deserving of special recognition as a transannular panderling. Oh hell! Now the November blog is accusing me of favoritism…

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