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Crossing state lines

Thursday, March 27th, 2014 by Holy at

Exit: Eventually

Already it’s time for a new release! And it’s an important one, because it supersedes all of the SomEx releases going back to It’s version 2.10, and it (humanely) removes a showstopping bug unnoticed and unreported ever since October!! Plus a few more bugs. No relation; inevitable kinks leftover from the first foray into the tools that needed time to work themselves out regardless.

In a sense the newfound focus on tools is beginning to come into its own, on its own. No thanks to anyone else’s interest in Sword of Moonlight but mine it seems.

What’s new this time is something else: a short flight of fancy only possible for little touches worked into 2.6; not one, but two brand new event classes. Events makeup a game’s plot, so they are pretty important stuff. Before now the level designer came with three event classes, one for each class of things assembled within its levels, minus one.

Setting “minus one” aside, that sort of leaves out events that don’t pertain to anything in particular doesn’t it? Perhaps the level itself, or the player character, or the player themself, or even just something out there in the game’s aether. All the same the first new class elegantly fills this niche, where formerly a so-called dummy would be required for no reason at all; no more.

The second and last new event class builds on the first. In fact it is the same except its events are understood to be universal, or portable, or in other words, and more importantly, copies don’t need to be setup on an individual basis for each individual level to have the same effect. This is less an extension upon Sword of Moonlight as it is its logical extension since the King’s Field remake and sample game/project included with it itself included many such events replicated by all five of its levels. Not too many to have been deemed unmanageable, but far less than what is actually within the limits of the level designer: including up to 64 levels, or maps, with hundreds of apparently unbounded events between them.

In addition, more than merely happening on every level as can be reproduced by hand and sheer force of will alone, these new events automatically keep their place as the game/player crosses from one level into another; such that a main plot line spanning multiple levels may be contained by any single such event.

And now for some fun in the King’s Field spirit:

The omnibus New Years Eve release, for anyone who missed out, included a small yet powerful change so to freely copy/paste and create new events. That opened the door to the new additions of this release. And because of that there is also now a way to not only copy events, but also to copy events — any kind of events — from one level’s events into those of the other levels’ … oh but only if it were readily apparent how?

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A long time coming

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 by Holy at

Exit: Word Up

*cough* *cough*

There is a new release up — concluding what became five months work to ready textual translations for Sword of Moonlight’s core tools and data files. What we have is bare bones for now. For Japanese you won’t need to change a thing. For English you will still need to follow these directions until further notice.

What’s changed, aside from every single profile in the DATA file tree, is things are now known by their names. For example, the Moonlight Sword is no longer described as “Great sword [2]“, but is instead described simply as (wait for it) “Moonlight Sword”. Just the same all characters are described by their name as it appears in the King’s Field remake/sample game. Or more precisely the names were taken from the original PlayStation game. The remaining profiles are assigned characters taken from the game’s sequels.

The rationale behind this change is to make it easier to pick a profile out of a menu, but also to make way for future profiles. Of which we can assume there will be a multitude. Last but not least, in order to restore the original convention (although as a matter of fact, there is ample evidence in the profiles themselves that this policy change actually reverts to a prior, long lost, eventually overturned policy) a new system has been devised to allow project managers to sort profiles into arbitrary groups, or sets, and all of the profiles have been assigned to more than 100 such sets as part of this release.

The sets are not the same, but similar. The Moonlight Sword is part of the longsword set, so it appears alongside other longswords, rather than “great swords” — of which there actually are none. Oh and! In an unexpected twist, this release makes it easier than ever to get the most out of Sword of Moonlight thanks to some additions to the “new project” step.

Further details (and patches) are as always covered within the forum addendum, but before going any further I must remind you that this is really just one more of many more steps. In the right direction sure. The text is all done. But the art is still a shambles at best, and so on.

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