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7 ways Sword of Moonlight has changed

Saturday, August 30th, 2014 by Holy at

Exit: Windows 7

This micro-release includes a complete makeover in terms of how Sword of Moonlight interacts with the Windows desktop. Windows 7 introduced a number of new taskbar related features that impose restrictions on how applications behave. It took me so long to notice that this is a problem for SOM because these new features are disabled for programs that are not stored on a local disk volume.

The immediate problems stemming from this were addressed by a patch that was made to the previous release. Now I am following up with a full treatment for post-Vista versions of Windows. That said the changes apply to all supported versions of Windows. I had not intended to do so until tests I ran on XP earlier today showed that this is necessary. Anyway, it’s probably for the best.

In the beginning of this release my goal was to decide how to best group the various tools on the taskbar, and how to establish a program that can be “pinned” to the taskbar. Pinning is absolutely essential in Windows 8 since it doesn’t possess a Start menu, although this is rumored to be changing in the next iteration, but one wonders even if it does, will the menu be backported to 8?

I also looked into adding an extended menu to the launcher early on; this is a feature wherein Windows 7 it’s possible to right-click icons in the taskbar and Start menu in order to open a menu that can be customized to a degree. Indeed a lot of the problems arise from an apparent inability to customize the built-in section of this menu.

But I didn’t stop there. I’ve taken the opportunity to completely rethink and rebrand the superficial experience, and in the process I’ve been able to streamline numerous aspects of the initiation process in ways that I find extraordinarily pleasing. By rebrand I mean to say that I put a lot of work into the icons, and even changed some of them, including the shortcut titles that accompany them and the product descriptions embedded in the programs files (I didn’t change any of FromSoftware’s product information, although it could probably stand to be changed. In any case it’s never visible.)

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Forum Discussion

Instant feedback

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 by Holy at

Exit: Level Up!

This month’s release grew from a planned micro-release that just continued to snowball. There’s an awful lot here, but not a whole lot to say. Pretty much all of the low hanging fruit to do with the editors presentation and interaction wise that could be fit into one release cycle is in here, but the centerpiece is SOM_MAP’s modeling screen.

There are also in game fixes for the world map visuals, including (in addition to perfection) an arrow marker indicating the direction the player character is facing. Back on the modeling screen it’s now possible to input any number, and there is a new vertical slider for elevation so that the three original sliders are able to behave identically, covering the same amount of distance. The slider units are now 0.05 for centering, and 5 degrees for rotating, along with incremental tickers having units of 0.01 and 1 respectively.

Also included is five new toggles that change what is displayed in the viewer, and the viewer now provides instant feedback so that you can see how your change will appear before it is submitted, or IOW WYEYNCP, or in other words What You Expect You Non-Crazy Person!! For prognostications and details including helpful features not mentioned look no further than the Forum Discussion.

Forum Discussion

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