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Pocket Calculator

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 by Holey Moley at

Exit: Dentaku

Headline deadline I am not going to have any big announcement this month. So I am just posting work in progress links to the documentation for a new calculation subsystem coming to Sword of Moonlight sometime mid next month.

I would also like to get up a new WebGL graphic (to replace November’s blogpost’s) so that this page will keep loading up all hiccup like. Lets see what we can figure out…

Better late than never. You might recognize this little guy from Verdite’s Rathmor demo that was showcased in last December’s blogpost.

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The Elephant in the Room

Thursday, February 14th, 2013 by Holey Moley at

Exit: From Software

This is a reluctant valentine for me. It’s time to clear the air. I want to begin by saying that I could be From Software’s biggest fan. I am not Japanese. I am a US American. I am not a fan that obsesses over minutia. I just genuinely love the things I love. And nothing has had a greater impact than “From” for me.

So it is natural I wholeheartedly embrace Sword of Moonlight. I trained my entire life for something like this. And it is fitting I found what I was looking for all of this time among those things that I treasure most. I ask what could be any cooler than a chance to make your own game? Not just any game. A game with a major league licensed IP attached to it. The original 3D game. One that by all rights as far as you are concerned is the king of video game IPs!

No company would give away its very successful IP right? Well From Software did just that. It is an admirable humanitarian gesture isn’t it. The people behind Sword of Moonlight must have come to realize it could never be a money maker. Sure so-called “game makers” looked like a viable genre back then. But Sword of Moonlight was something else. It is PC software. You don’t need it to distribute your newly minted PC games. And by the way. What you do with them is up to you. As long as you stick to original and or King’s Field IP you’re golden (although companies holding King’s Field licenses abroad may beg to differ.)

Continued: The Elephant in the Room

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Best of 2012 Year in Review

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 by Holey Moley at

Exit: And a Happy New Year

As promised SomEx.dll, aka. 2012, is, as of now, officially released upon the Internet! Albeit it is somewhat rough about the edges, micro patches should punctuate the coming months, but it has also been months in the making and it is (now) 2013 after all. So.

Incidentally 1.5 is the only release of 2012. If you are wondering about those other months: judging by the forums (and notwithstanding comparatively minor events throughout) the early focus was’s inner workings — complete with WebGL presentations for all of SOM’s artwork. After proving that works attention shifted to desktop apps; see PalEdit, or think next-gen Sword of Moonlight — that ultimately inspired all of this otherwise unanticipated year end upending of “SomEx”.

And 2013? Well the immediate task at hand is documenting the new (and yet undocumented) extensions in the “unofficial” wiki documentation — link. And I seem to remember vowing to once and for all fix the site’s login difficulties just as soon as this business is all wrapped up. Look out for those patches. Odds are good 2013 sees SOM achieve 100% viable publishing platform status! Defects wise. Almost there…

And by 2014? It is imperative to realize full replication of SOM’s in-game visuals so to deliver high-speed steady frame rates to budget desktops. Look out for a one-two punch!!

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