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Exit: Virtual Reality

Things to come

A major release is now available. Also, the Windows 8/10 spellchecker service is enabled. PlayStation VR came a long way since the the last blog post, but is and will remain a demonstration.

This release adds an entire new dimension to Sword of Moonlight’s tools, by integrating new, full-featured profile editors into the main tools. The new editors replace the old model viewers, and while they remain a little rough around the edges owing to exhaustion, have a lot more character, since they have lighting, and pose characters, and also they use the same graphical pathway as the game player component, and so have access to all of the same visual effects, including the antialiasing extensions.

The level design tool is not included in the graphical overhaul. It’s going to look like a sore thumb until it sees medical attention.

Some of the new features open up previously unavailable elements of Sword of Moonlight. In the last weeks someone has made great inroads into King’s Field II’s compact disc for the PlayStation. I think more than ever we are on track for having a port before its 25th anniversary. It just so happens new profile creation tools are going to play a big part in the first steps of the process!

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