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Unfinished business

Friday, April 11th, 2014 by Holey Moley at

Exit: Quick Fix

Two weeks — and it’s new release time once again. What’s new is some old stuff around control mechanics from last year has been finalized so to be presentable in game form.

Namely the player can go anywhere jumping and climbing wise without running into problems around ceilings, and transitions between levels and within levels should now be seamless.

There are also critical fixes pertaining to the prior release for anyone not keeping up with patches, and the in-game menus are a little bit nicer now thanks to a good idea that happened between releases; the idea was to let text in the menus be scooted over to make more room, so that there is no longer any abbreviated text to be found in the built-in English translation.

Last but not least there is a new feature that lets the player character behave as a monster does when they get hit. It replaces the old experimental approach to this, and is super easy to setup. I must add that I was particularly pleased with this unexpected addition, and very pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. I regard it as a natural fit; the best part of working on Sword of Moonlight for me has to be the developments I never saw coming…

For me it’s an absolute joy, a supreme joy, and so far an absolutely private joy of my own for myself. What a shame. I encourage everyone following Sword of Moonlight to get involved. You can wait but you will miss out on the formative period if you do.

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