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Exit: Drowning

Coming up for air...

Before I begin I’ve been in the habit of hiding past posts of late. The current most recent post dates back to April last year. I’m sorry. Anyone paying attention to me will have seen me going through a lot of contortions concerning my lifestyle and life course. Right now I have a kind of semi-benign schizophrenia that doesn’t interfere with my ability to think, however it disrupts my life a lot. I’ve been trying to cover my tracks.

I’m currently trying to tie up unpaid work on Sword of Moonlight in order to try to begin publishing a paid “early access” version. I haven’t had success with a Patreon model thus far, but I want everyone reading this to join me at and a new alternative called SubscribeStar I’m just starting out setting up.

In all these unpublished posts I’ve done some difficult work on order-independent transparency and most recently I’ve completed the new art import system by making icons be generated by default when making use of the art system. A preview is here showing how shading and lines are used to distinguish otherwise identical tile models.

These tiles come from my King’s Field II project. My schizophrenia is slowing me down on it. It also can help, surprisingly, since my brain talks to me and seems capable of programming computers. But it mostly slows me down. I’m having to recast my life/lifestyle, and reconsider if I can hit a 2025 self-imposed deadline or not. I’m trying to sleep less, and I’m out and about a lot more than I’ve been in the past decade since I started working exclusively on Sword of Moonlight. I’m active, and spreading my activities across many different areas of interest. I’m trying to take Sword of Moonlight to the next level in terms of using it to become financially independent. I’m also pursuing disability benefits, but truly I need economic support from everyone. That means you. I know a lot of people are interested in my effort, but don’t support me materially. I want you to really ask yourself if you can do that for me? I’ve put so many years of full-time work into this to arrive at this point. And it’s hard on me to ask myself if I should carry on or not, when my heart says I must, but my outlook says I can’t sustain this forever.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me in the past and present and in the future too! Please join us. For those who do not I want to try to get Sword of Moonlight onto Steam. I just have to figure out if it’s going to be compatible with its launcher. And I’m going to put the current version on soon. I intend to add a few more features to it, but in the future I’m going to publish new features based on fundraising goals and sales figures. This is overdue, and I really have no choice at this point. Once set up on Steam I’m going to approach From Software to see if they are interested in collaborating on a physical edition of Sword of Moonlight with a developer license, and program something like SOM_RUN, for the paid version. It’s going to be “early access” for a while, and it’s going to need guides to be written. It will stay there until it has everything a paid product should have.

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