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Exit: PlayStation VR

Let there be light

Here’s an interesting stopgap release — it’s not what I’d planned, and it’s a demonstration first-and-foremost — but it’s also an official release, because it includes some of the best performance enhancements for Windows 7 and later Windows, and fixes some bugs that had arrived too late to be patched. I’ve been hard at work ever since I acquired a PlayStation VR in order to apply it to Sword Of Moonlight, but got taken off guard by the headset’s enchanting home-theater mode. (More on it later.)

There are so many possible releases, all up in the air, right now, never mind VR; Nevertheless, in the last several days it’s been the only thing I can think about. I expected to release a full PlayStation VR demonstration, except for the headset that I received seemed to have apparent display anomalies that forced me to send it back for a replacement, and so in the meantime I could only finish the demonstration’s visual component:

[text in center was undoubled at the time this picture was taken]

I felt desperate to achieve a visual. I went to lengths I wouldn’t normally to make it work on my (puny) workstation. And now that it works (including double-vision and nontrivial lens distortion effects) and does so on an inexpensive, integrated chip in a box that will fit in the palm of your hand, no less, it’s still only half as exhilarating as the ability for Sword Of Moonlight to do this at all, without changing how it works in some more fundamental way. It is doing so now not by summoning raw horsepower but by achieving a clean, steady frame-rate, for the first time in its so far brief history.

Needless to say this has profound implications for games, even if surely, these problems would be solved some day, what’s important is now is that day, and the problems are no longer, or at least, have been not insufficiently mitigated for the time being.

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