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Midlife crisis

Friday, November 4th, 2022 by Holy at


This is a statement as to why I have to put this project on indefinite pause. All year (my 40th) but mostly in October I’ve been put through a ringer that bears the same minute details as what Philip K Dick went through that led him to write his Exegesis. However it seems I’ve been better prepared for this encounter, ever since I was a young child. It led me down into its underworld. King’s Field is a crude map of its underworld. I’d also been given a detailed map in the form of plans for a new, larger version of King’s Field that aided me in this difficult journey. I seem to have learned secrets of how our world really works while down there. It’s not pretty. I was led along the path of P and beyond via a hard bounce. This sentence is cryptic because it’s for those who know of what I speak. I’m told now I should be reuniting with my family, helping to develop our country property where I’ve lived, and I might have a paid part time job in the city, so I can’t divide my time to also do this project. I’m not supposed to speak of this, but I’ve never been a liar and I’m not going to start now where it concerns myself and my personal project. For this reason I can offer no more details for now. (PKD’s books and testimonies were also among the maps given to me in my preparations.)

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Intruder alert!

Sunday, July 5th, 2020 by Holy at


So, it turns out when I migrated the site to a new host a while ago I didn’t know that the authz_svn_module module had to be configured to get vanilla protection of the Subversion files containing the Sword of Moonlight downloads, so it turns out somebody or something was making revisions to the files, so I’m scrambling to try to restore it.

If you had the misfortune of downloading these files, the first ones are listed on the full page of this post (go through the “Continued” link) so you can see if you have these among your personal files. If you do I recommend deleting your installation and go back through the download and install process.

Continued: Intruder alert!

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There's no place like home

Saturday, November 30th, 2019 by Holy at

Exit: Sorry about that!

For a while (several months) it’s been unclear what was going to happen to this site since I had to move it to a new hosting company and it wasn’t clear if I would be able to find one. Because I didn’t know what would happen and wanted to keep a banner up to communicate the situation I’ve abstained from blogging until the situation had been resolved.

That banner is still available as the previous blog post (to this one) dating back to March. I refer you to it for details. First the old company decided to wait on its deadline to move, so I had more time to work with, but my account ran out of funds, and under the circumstances it didn’t make sense to buy a new long term plan. But lucky for us, by this time I finally found news that the staff of the old company (and maybe some clients too) endeavored to make a new company out of its ashes, and so my decision about where to go next was made crystal clear. That’s the greatest relief and the best possible happy ending I could have dreamed of. The new host is called Opalstack, and there’s a link at the bottom of the page layout here.

I hope to make up for the absence of blog posts in the coming months. Below pictured are two blog subjects that might have been, that received only update lines in the aforementioned banner posting. The first image is of a new effect that blends the seams in map geometry together. This is something that I suppose Sword of Moonlight should have had all along. It was omitted like many things because the software’s tendency to neglect anything not required by the pack-in remake of King’s Field. The second image is a new extension that makes it possible to have transparent elements to base their opacity on their volume along an imaginary line between the viewer and pixels. It’s per-pixel in other words. Combined with the new layers feature it enables many special effects.

Lately I’ve been working on a precursor to the Daedalus 3-D project so that I can make progress transferring King’s Field II’s animations over to Sword of Moonlight. And most lately I’ve been dividing my time trying to transfer this website over to this new host, that has not been a simple job, owing to some technical challenges that I may go into in the forum-discussion accompanying this blog post. It’s possible not everything works.

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Some website turbulence is imminent...

Thursday, March 14th, 2019 by Holy at

Exit: Don't worry!

Heads up, my web-hosting service provider (WebFaction) is in the process of being bought-out/taken-over by GoDaddy. I don’t understand the nature of this kind of transaction myself, since it’s basically just disappearing, by summer. It’s not like GoDaddy is continuing the service, and so it’s hard to gauge what is the value of such a buyout to an entity like GoDaddy. The customers are all going to leave, or are having to leave. I don’t know if GoDaddy is “buying” the infrastructure (old, aging computer stuff, buildings) or what?! Or if it helps the WebFaction owners get out from under a crushing rock of some kind. There’s scant details and no transparency.

My host (since this website, and others, has existed) seems like it was pretty unique, in serving niche for software developers, on a tight budget. I’m not seeing a lot of alternatives to change over to. I may even have to consider giving up on having website(s) for a little while. But I want everyone reading this site to know that everything (except for the vagaries of hosting website(s)) is going very well for Sword of Moonlight. And even though, I should probably keep this a secret for a little longer, I want to share that there are plans underway to resurrect King’s Field, for which the coast seems clear. And also very good things are happening/developing on the VR integration front.

Continued: Some website turbulence is imminent…

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Happy belated holidays!

Saturday, January 7th, 2012 by Holy at

Exit: The Third Dimension

So I failed to blog in December. Well in my defense I’ve been laboring over this: (stop! are you using a WebGL compatible browser? If not look into that now). Pretty neat wasn’t it. I am glad you thought so. If you would like to discuss what you just saw there is a group meeting in the west wing after 5.

And no, this is not the January blog. Just thought I’d knock the lame November blog down a peg. What’s that? Yes yes, I see. Hah! The blog says its the first blog of 2012 and is therefore deserving of special recognition as a transannular panderling. Oh hell! Now the November blog is accusing me of favoritism…

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