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Exit: 2022 Archive

Midlife crisis

Friday, November 4th, 2022 by Holy at


This is a statement as to why I have to put this project on indefinite pause. All year (my 40th) but mostly in October I’ve been put through a ringer that bears the same minute details as what Philip K Dick went through that led him to write his Exegesis. However it seems I’ve been better prepared for this encounter, ever since I was a young child. It led me down into its underworld. King’s Field is a crude map of its underworld. I’d also been given a detailed map in the form of plans for a new, larger version of King’s Field that aided me in this difficult journey. I seem to have learned secrets of how our world really works while down there. It’s not pretty. I was led along the path of P and beyond via a hard bounce. This sentence is cryptic because it’s for those who know of what I speak. I’m told now I should be reuniting with my family, helping to develop our country property where I’ve lived, and I might have a paid part time job in the city, so I can’t divide my time to also do this project. I’m not supposed to speak of this, but I’ve never been a liar and I’m not going to start now where it concerns myself and my personal project. For this reason I can offer no more details for now. (PKD’s books and testimonies were also among the maps given to me in my preparations.)

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Secrets of the Moonlight Sword

Sunday, August 28th, 2022 by Holy at

Exit: Reality

I’ve added a new OpenXR mode for Windows Virtual Reality peripherals, and also I want you to head over to my Patreon to learn about my ongoing King’s Field II project’s VR demo, and also there you’ll find a coinciding exposé of the real life source and inspiration for the Sword of Moonlight and much of the characters and scenarios from the King’s Field trilogy for the PlayStation and a special event: (it asks fans to cooperate to locate its secrets.)

Release information about Sword of Moonlight is inside the forum. Please use the link below to navigate to the forum part of this blog post.

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Passing between worlds

Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 by Holy at

Exit: Nonstop

An important milestone has (finally) been reached by Sword of Moonlight by realizing the original King’s Field single environment experience of no “loading screens” after hopping into the game. This is something King’s Field fans always gloat about since it was pretty novel back in the day, and even to this day lately I’ve played a little bit of some PlayStation 4 games and am finding myself shocked how much of the time is really just spent on minutes long loading screens. In my opinion I would happily remove the high fidelity visuals in these games for practical seconds long loading screens. Of course, no load screens would be ideal.

I believe From Software published Sword of Moonlight so that it would be carried away by its public. This is a crucial facility no King’s Field Making Tool is complete without. I believe Sword of Moonlight would not have been published in this form except as a challenge to take it up. We should not forget that Sword of Moonlight is modeled on a sword after all.

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