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  1. Trismegistus
    LC_MESSAGES Translation Directory

    The Trismegistus text domain has been translated fully or partially into the following regional dialects and scripts.

    Each translation is represented by an ISO-639 language code and and ISO-3166 country code. For example en_US means English / United States or how English is spoken in the the United States (of America). Unfortunately there are so many of these codes that this cannot very easily be made more plain barring administrative intervention or favoring more common codes over others. Codes can be made more accurate via an @ notation, which can specify things such as the script used in a region where a traditionally spoken language may be written with either a Cyrillic or Latin alphabet.

  2. en_US

    Translation Home | File, Template, Object Download

  3. ja_JP

    Translation Home | File, Template, Object Download

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