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April 30th, 2018 by Holey Moley at

This is going to be a short post: I’ve been working hard (and often) on a major release that expands upon the profile editing tools and integrates them into the main experience; The crude “DLC” tools for making all new building-blocks for custom projects or to share. It’s taking a long time. There are five tools, and a sixth is needed. Though small, they’re very dense, each of them. They are to be seamlessly integrated by replacing the 3D model viewing elements with the new tools, since they include views of the 3D models. They have a lot more personality, and they are able to use the same extensions as the player, and so appear identical to the games. Upon completion, only the level designer will remain to be similarly upgraded. I feel that I will want to embark on that project, since it will otherwise appear not up-to-code until I do so.

In other news: In days I will have a PlayStation VR at my side, that I’ve ordered exclusively to add a stereo display feature to Sword of Moonlight. Since I learned that the headset would be perfect, I’ve thought about it somewhat, for at least a couple of weeks, off an on. I think it’s going to be a quick and painless operation, one that is likely to be more-or-less completed within this month; In which case a VR release may happen before these tools are released.

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