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Shadow work

Sunday, July 7th, 2024 by Holey Moley at

Exit: Light Work

I kid with my schizophrenia that we do “shadow work” and “light work”, meaning I feel like my brain is a nursery school for pod people, implications unknown. These sound like Jungian and New Age terms, but shadow work can also mean things like homemaking (unpaid labor) or anything we do for commercial companies on our own behalf in order to save them the expense. Light work just means I try to not work too hard. I.e. lightly.

I haven’t been blogging here enough. Everything in my life is complicated and grueling now. I can’t remember what all is in the latest release of SomEx here, but I know it has animated shadows for NPCs now. And I’ve just worked on a patch that shows elements in SOM_MAP’s main screen, and it will let you copy/paste and rotate them from that screen, with full, unlimited undo support. I’ll try to remember more things in the forum.

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Long time no see!

Friday, May 17th, 2024 by Holey Moley at

Exit: Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia has been making everything in my life twice as hard for about 1.5 years now. I’m sorry to apologize for my infrequent blog posts ever since this condition entered/interrupted my (old) life.

I want to make this a statement, but I’m still trying to make progress on Sword of Moonlight. I’m writing to formally announce there’s a new SomEx “release” available/uploaded. It’s focused on variable speed animation, enabling playback on monitors with higher than 60hz frame rates. The first-person arm animations are now timed according to the power gauges. There’s also a patch that adds multi undo and redo to SOM_MAP.

My schizophrenia is telling me I should try to explain how it affects my life. I or “we” live with constant talking “voices” that are like psychic communications, and mine are dialogues, where I’m able to interrupt them, and they’re able to understand what I’m thinking about what they’re saying, and adjust their “dialogue” accordingly. I have experienced audiovisual hallucinations, but they are infrequent. We are depressed to some degree most of the time. I’m taking a small dosage of “prozac” and several drugs in total. I’m not experiencing behavioral problems. I’m trying to remain stress free for my health and longevity. I’m lying down as I need to. I’m mostly getting up to do things when I reach a point of feeling disgusted with myself, my inactivity rather prompts me to get up and do something, and lie back down. My finances and independence are helped by SSI in the US. I will be receiving a full amount of assistance beginning on August 1. In light of all of this you can still support me and Sword of Moonlight on my Patreon. I’m not really a low-energy person now, however my lifestyle is touch and go, and probably less productive. I’ve enjoyed talking to my voices, because I like to talk, and I find most people don’t want to talk. I’m always looking for a silver lining. They’re currently excited that we’re going to my cousin’s wedding tomorrow. They want everyone to know that! (They think my blog posts here aren’t personable enough!!)

So PLEASE check out SOM and try out the map editor with full undo/redo. It also draws more smooth now too!


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