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Sword of Moonlight
Create Runtime

In the beginning Sword of Moonlight used one step at the very end that asks that you insert a CD-ROM disc in order to make the standalone version of your game, which it calls either Retail or Runtime or RT. In the Ex version this feature is moved to the Save As part of the new SOM_MAIN script editor, but what’s recommended instead is to try to use Windows Explorer to do this yourself. In order to do this you’ll need to already be familiar with most of SOM’s features, and you should use another project as an example, for instance.

By this time you should have a good understanding. If you want to make a demo without doing this, it’s best to just trade your project as a ZIP file, since it should be much smaller. However, this won’t work if Sword of Moonlight isn’t installed and set up. Notice, there are new Convert features in the SOM_PRM and SOM_MAP editors that are power tools for making demos of 1 or more maps only, and this can work for making a demo of all of your maps too, which is the same thing of course! But, you need to pay close attention to the EX/SYSTEM folder in standalone games, and notice that normally the MAP and PRT and PRF files are not included, since these are source materials that will let people modify your game. But you know, you can include those too to encourage modification.

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