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Some website turbulence is imminent...

March 14th, 2019 by Holey Moley at

Heads up, my web-hosting service provider (WebFaction) is in the process of being bought-out/taken-over by GoDaddy. I don’t understand the nature of this kind of transaction myself, since it’s basically just disappearing, by summer. It’s not like GoDaddy is continuing the service, and so it’s hard to gauge what is the value of such a buyout to an entity like GoDaddy. The customers are all going to leave, or are having to leave. I don’t know if GoDaddy is “buying” the infrastructure (old, aging computer stuff, buildings) or what?! Or if it helps the WebFaction owners get out from under a crushing rock of some kind. There’s scant details and no transparency.

My host (since this website, and others, has existed) seems like it was pretty unique, in serving niche for software developers, on a tight budget. I’m not seeing a lot of alternatives to change over to. I may even have to consider giving up on having website(s) for a little while. But I want everyone reading this site to know that everything (except for the vagaries of hosting website(s)) is going very well for Sword of Moonlight. And even though, I should probably keep this a secret for a little longer, I want to share that there are plans underway to resurrect King’s Field, for which the coast seems clear. And also very good things are happening/developing on the VR integration front.

It’s just that, my web-host is going to go offline, permanently, this summer. The truth is, I’ve never had the time and resources to manage a website. None of my sites’ software is up-to-date. Its web-software is all ancient. So it might be a good thing to take some time off. My account is paid through November, but I don’t know what that will mean under GoDaddy. I should probably try to contact them to see if I can rule out any possibility of staying there. The only provider that looks like a possible ship to jump over to is called SSD Nodes. Their operation looks a little dodgy, but it’s probably fine. My 3 options are 1) go nomadic, no websites, retain the domain names for later; 2) start migrating ahead, all but ruling out the possibility of staying with GoDaddy; 3) see if GoDaddy goes smoothly. Option 2 means buying years of service that are nonrefundable. So, there will likely be a period of downtime. Option 3 is just option 1 with a happy ending. Therefor, I think probably there will be at least some days when the sites will go dark, for a while. This post will remain here until the site goes down.

If GoDaddy honors the money in my account, at the same rate, I will be able to put a message up until November. And it should be possible to redirect to a temporary site, where you can follow my efforts to bring the site back, or make other arrangements.

If anyone can be a webmaster for future King’s Field, and you are already paying for a host (a VPS like host, that can install/exececute regular applications, SSH, etc.) then please get in touch, and we can get you into our exciting loop, and you and I can work together. If we successfully raise money, webmaster is the foremost paid position in our little company.

Update: A new software release announcement with information is attached to this blog post’s Discussion Forum counterpart.

Update: There’s a new release centered around a new feature called SoftMSM that blends lighting where cells touch in-game.

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