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Holey Moley:

--- Quote from: https://www.swordofmoonlight.net/archives/sword-of-moonlight/2023/08/something-old-something-new/ ---Since last seen I’ve put finishing touches on the new tile icon generation system and the old tile system too. The latter is now accessed by pushing the slider bar in the map editor to the very top. The slider can also now be used to fade out the grid lines and to fade in direction arrows.

There’s many more additions mentioned in a wrap-up address inside the Discussion forum. The advanced profile editing tools can now be left open while working, and the Alt key works with clicking to open a 3D model editor. The parts editor tool now has a UUID system shoehorned into the icon field. This works because the old style icons are secondary to computer generated icons. The art system also uses this icon generation system on everything else so its “shortcut” files display a thumbnail graphic. I want to add that a whole lot of work has gone into all of this. The new map icons fill in the space between the grids and include a 2 pixel border for shadow highlights. Getting everything right took weeks.

In other news I’ve reset the Subversion repository. The first revision is now classic Sword of Moonlight for previewing and comparing to the second revision. I’ve removed all traces of “source code” for work from the web. I’m keeping it private going forward. I have private copies on Github that I hope will outlast me. I’m actively trying to make a turn to commercial outlets. I intend to consult with From Software reps before making this move. I’m going to put a non-commercial version on Archive.org as-soon-as-possible. In the meantime, please stay tuned, use SOM, and support my work!
--- End quote ---

I've already done a complete write-up for this new release ( here (https://www.swordofmoonlight.net/bbs2/index.php?topic=373.msg3465#msg3465) and it includes a lot of details because this release took a lot of time and I'm really trying to lay down professional polish. It also has a word on my schizophrenia status :dollsoul:

Edited: You gotta re-checkout the Sword-of-Moonlight SVN repository, or use the direct page to update without SVN (http://www.swordofmoonlight.net/main/single-file-download/)

Holey Moley:
Repository reset (repost)

FYI I've re-reset the new repo back to Revision 2. I'd accidentally included a bunch of shortcut (LNK) files from the art system, and the Moonlight.zip language pack wasn't updated. I've also updated the EXE files in TOOL.

Holey Moley:

I've uploaded a patch for fixing some bugs and it adds a new way to rearrange SOM_MAP's palette area, and rotate icons in the palette area. And a way to change the view angle for tiles in the tile preview area.

The latter is saved in the PRT file and can be edited with the View menu in an updated PrtsEdit, but also if your keyboard has numpad keys, they can be pressed with Ctrl in SOM_MAP as a faster way to do this. The Ctrl Lock button works too.

To rearrange it's necessary to select with Shift or use Ctrl to drag, and the Ctrl Lock button works here too. Ctrl with Right click rotates the tile(s). The arrangement and rotations are stored in a my.plt file in the MAP folders. There is one in the install MAP folder, but if you modify things in SOM_MAP it will save to your own project MAP folder, which replaces the installation my.plt file.

The preview/view angle is not saved in my.plt. Again it's saved in the PRT file.

I had fun working on this with my schizophrenia. It came up with most of the ideas for this. And held my feet to the fire. Sometimes it's a drag though. I think I want to work on subtitles for the King's Field movies next, or scan the materials that come with SOM to make an instruction manual. Or work on my KF2 project more. I can't tell if my schizophrenia is going to be cooperative in this or not. These are some of its ideas. I do have ideas of my own along the way, but lately I'm not sure what to do, and I'm coping with schizophrenia, and so giving it some space to influence my activities. For better or worse.

Holey Moley:
Patch (SVN Update)


Here are new King's Field I movies AI upscaled to 960x720 with subtitles. The sample project now defaults to these movies for both Japanese and English.

Holey Moley:
Yesterday I uploaded some shield models that I mistakenly left out of the recent shield feature update. This makes shields either unusable or invisible without adding these models back. I found I neglected to SVN Add them.


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