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Holey Moley:
It's Christmas 2020, today I'm just making a link for a post where I will publish a new version of x2mdl I've been working on all year long. I would do it now, except I'm about to publish a new version of MM3D that drastically changes the way animations are stored in the mm3d files, so I need a few days to update x2mdl to be compatible. I think everyone can wait a little longer so to not have a too bumpy debut. It will probably be up before 2021, but the subject line for this topic/thread says 2021, so please check back a few days from now.

2022: http://csv.swordofmoonlight.net/x2mdl.dll/




Reply#3 has some instructions.

*3/28/2021: Fix for inputting MDL files that have no deltas on the first frame of the first animation (now inherits data from the bind frame that's not outputted) and a fix that normalizes rotations around the Y axis so they can be upscaled to 60 frames per second in the player (notes in Reply #6.)

*4/14/2021: Critical memory corruption bug fix. Edited: Also added mdl2x program. This program is less tested, more experimental. It converts files to Microsoft's X format compatible with SOM's conversion tools. This may be the first time it's been published (notes in Reply #7.)

*5/9/2021: More fixes, incl. I bungled mdl2x last time because I added material names to improve it but didn't think to fix the corresponding parts of the file that reference the materials by their names. That's the kind of thing I do all the time (notes in Reply #8.)

*5/22/2021: Slight fix for first frame when inputting MDL files (more for diagnostic use) and adding "Original_MDL_viewer.exe" tool (notes in Reply #9.)

*7/15/2021: I've attached some source code to this post for safe keeping. You don't need to download it. It's not stored in the official repository with the x2mdl source code because it's code added to Assimp, that's used to read files.

12/17/2021: That code (strike-out) is now available with the rest of it (http://svn.swordofmoonlight.net/Sword-of-Moonlight/code/x2mdl/) (x2mdl is now built into SOM and extremely vetted.) The ZIP file is updated with new x2mdl.exe and Original_MDL_viewer.exe and a new viewer called Modern_MDL_viewer.exe that does the same modifications as x2mdl.exe. You probably want to use the latter if you make use these programs. The former (original) is for looking at old MDL files without any changes to their skeletal animation hierarchy and key frame data. Otherwise they're both just quick viewers for MDL and MDO and MSM model files. Also note, there's now a few command-line options for x2mdl.

4/9/2022: KF2-DATA-BACKUP.zip is art from my KF2 project for anyone who's asked for KF2 models in the past. Unfortunately the textures are quite dim. This is how they are on the game disc. You'll just have to increase lighting in your software or process them with image editing software one by one to your need.

Holey Moley:
I've published the MM3D update here (https://github.com/mick-p1982/mm3d/releases/tag/win32-demo2c) so now I can turn to x2mdl/x2mm3d. Since Christmas day I've had domestic interruptions in my regular schedule, but I've managed to squeeze in a half workday each of the past 3 days. Strike-out: https://github.com/mick-p1982/mm3d/releases/tag/win32-dec-2021 is a new release preparing switching SOM over to use this MM3D format in a couple days.

Off-topic: I also wrote up my GameFAQs end of the year report today: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/958393-sword-of-moonlight-kings-field-making-tool/79202963

Update 8/6/2021: I've attached some MM3D files from my KF2 demo I made by "drag-dropping" the MDL files onto the renamed x2mm3d.exe file in the top post of this topic/thread. These can be opened with the program in the win32-demo2c link above and posed/saved as OBJ files. I've done this because a good Patreon supporter/donor kept asking for these files, but I thought I'd given instructions on how to do this (not here) already, but since they asked again today I've done this process myself to show just how easy it is to do.

Update 12/8/2021: I've published a new release specifically for working with SOM's legacy models that are stored on this site, which will soon be distributed as MM3D files only compatible with this software. This makes them more manageable. Even though there's some room for more advanced features this should make it easy to fix all of the (many) blemishes and is a start.

Holey Moley:
 :evils: Sorry, I've misbehaved, I'm running late on this goal. I did upload a pretty big patch to the MM3D demo from the previous Reply/post today. I swear I'm on x2mdl first thing tomorrow.

Truth is I got lost in a programmer's rabbit hole for two days. It's a hard phenomenon to describe, but it happens from time to time. You really get invested in something and it can kind of takeover your world until you realize how neglectful you've been in being so single-minded. Sometimes it can seem like your goal is just beyond your grasp, and next thing you know, it's just beyond your grasp, and next thing you know (next,next,next) it's two days later and you realize this has to end, but you keep going still, but eventually you do get that train to come to a halt. Luckily this time I got some good work in there, but I should've cut myself off sooner and did what I said I would do.

Well, right now it's midnight so I'm going to watch some videos online while it doesn't count against my data plan. Otherwise I might get started now.

Holey Moley:
This (http://www.swordofmoonlight.net/holy/x2mdl.zip) is kind of a rush, but I went ahead and uploaded it because I shared a bad/broken one the other day (different topic/thread.) I wanted to put out a working replacement.

I'm going to put this in the TOOL folder I guess, shortly, I want to give it more thought and add some command-line options and probably I need to finish the mixed animation feature I'm working on right now before putting in the versioned file tree.

The mm3d facility is only compatible with the newest patch uploaded to https://github.com/mick-p1982/mm3d/releases/tag/win32-demo2c just earlier today. To make MM3D files (instead of making MDL files) the way is to rename it to x2mm3d. It can only output MDL or MM3D. It can take many inputs but I only recommend MM3D or maybe X but it might be acceptable with others. (Edited: Of course it supports SOM formats.)

There are very many ways to make control points now, but I haven't tested them all. MM3D files should use real points instead of triangles and name them to (C0) or (R0) to (R31) and yes, you must include parentheses. It also detects vertex colors or color only materials or any mesh or node with those names and maybe even other points, but they need color if not named.

I may update this link. I'm not using an attachment since I don't like reattaching because it breaks the links.

EDITED: To be clear, this initial version only understands SOM's two types of animations and so can't mix them or make weighted animations. This is the first version than can do soft animations. Shortly there should be a simple system that can convert an unweighted, mixed animation into a soft animation. Then I will see if it's feasible to convert weighted to soft.

Holey Moley:
Important bug fix

I've reuploaded with a bug fix that affected MM3D->MM3D "conversions" but might well effect others, and I think I've done all I intended for outputting unweighted mixed animations.

I'm going to take a break before adding more options and making space for it in the TOOL folder and adding the Assimp code to the SDK folder.

This will let me (finally) get back to working on KF2's monsters.


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