1. fess1996 says,

    am i the first person who is goner say some thing about kings field….

    ok then i love kings field!!!!!!

  2. Swordofmoonlight.net says,

    Then you’re in the right place. Only prob is the site’s still very much under construction. Hope to have the ball seriously rolling in not too long though!!!!!!

  3. kazami suichoken says,

    King Field ro is great game. Site is good but hard read. Ya

  4. Swordofmoonlight.net says,
  5. kazumi says,

    YES! you did it! lets get started now

  6. kazumi says,

    hi, where do i get sword monolight? please send me email with link and teachtorial.


  7. Swordofmoonlight.net says,

    You can order Sword of Moonlight from FromSoftware if you are in Japan.


    There are other ways. Maybe someone else will post how. In not too long this site will host Sword of Moonlight via a Subversion repository, if FromSoftware does not ask that the website cease and desist.

    There will be a site integrated wiki here over the next months where people can create and share tutorials.

    In the meantime you might try the links in the “External Links” list to your right >>

    A new forum will be open soon. It will include a Japanese language board.

  8. kazumi says,


  9. Swordofmoonlight.net says,


  10. kazumi says,


  11. Testing... says,

    Captcha me

  12. kazumi says,

    hi that not me who post above

    can i regster name so login keep others awout?

  13. Swordofmoonlight.net says,

    No, sorry. People cannot register right now.

    FYI: Kazumi, the バイアグラ comments use the same email address (…@wikicon.jp) as a number of the other kazumi comments.

  14. kazumi says,

    I use mostly public cputer, i apologize deeply for bad understanding.

    I dont know how they must have my email. I want to build a game when
    I saw U.S. works for download. Please do not ban me I will regstr and build
    for a good game.

  15. Swordofmoonlight.net says,

    Kazumi, you definitely sound like a “real” person interested in Som.

    You can register in the forum right now. BBS link to the right >>


    I don’t know how your email is the same either. I’m pretty sure the spam did not get it from swordofmoonlight.net. So probably somehow they got it on a computer you used, because there is something bad on that computer!!

    Thanks for the interest. Please please invite Japanese people to join our forum. There is a board for Japanese people to do with as they please.

    My Japanese is not good enough to interfere with whatever goes on there. I hope Japanese Som fans will just take it over.

    FYI: The website may not always work right (it’s being worked on every day)



    PS: My name is Holy Diver. I am making Som really good. So it’s not bad, like how From Software left it. It is already near perfect. There will be downloads available soon… :)

  16. kazumi says,


  17. kazumi says,

    I mean say what?

  18. Swordofmoonlight.net says,

    Bing Translator in Japanese

    Sorry, best I can do.

  19. Swordofmoonlight.net says,


    You can now try to download SOM here (http://svn.swordofmoonlight.net/)

    README/English.txt has instructions in English only.

    If successful. You will want to use the “SVN Update” feature at a later date.

    Thanks for being interested in Sword of Moonlight!