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Exit: King of KING'S FIELDs

Whoa there. Not so fast!

September 16th, 2014 by Holy at

Behold KING’S FIELD II in all of its resplendent glory!

This is a speed run on Youtube made by szsk. The picture is foggy and grey but otherwise it’s a great introduction to KF2 since you get to see so much of it in around 1hr flat. Of course the play is pretty unorthodox since it is a speed run after all…

But here is the thing. I don’t understand why I even have to argue with anyone that this is the best game ever spawned by the human race. It’s just so utterly gorgeous, nothing else even compares; having it all fired at you rapid fire just makes it all the more obvious, undeniably so, no mincing words.

I want to also go ahead and officially announce that in addition to work on Sword of Moonlight — which of course comes first — I am going to be replicating King’s Field II with SOM, and will be releasing the work to coincide with the climax of the video headsets arms race that began sometime around the Oculus Rift event. I don’t have any idea when that will be, or if I will be on time, but I will begin to transition my labors by then if I haven’t already.

I won’t be doing anything like a Kickstarter campaign for VR King’s Field II, because if I did it would be a complete sham. I don’t believe there is any legal hurdles to consider, but what I mean to say is, whether I am showered with riches or not it isn’t going to change my goals or lifestyle one iota, so it’s quite senseless, and would only be a waste of sweet, sweet, valuable, precious time.

If you want to be absolutely sure that I won’t be getting lost along the way consider supporting the Sword of Moonlight Patreon fundraiser. Heck, consider being the first to do so. You’ll be making this old world a little less suffocating place. Sorry to end on a down-note; watch the video now to cheer yourself up.

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One Response to “Whoa there. Not so fast!”

  1. John King says,

    It’s beautiful achievement of humankind

    And performed so fast


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