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Exit: January, 2016 Archive

2016: off to a fresh start

Friday, January 29th, 2016 by Holy at

Exit: And so it begins,

I’ve taken it upon myself to rewrite my Patreon homepage for Sword of Moonlight:

I’ve deliberately tried for a warmer approach this time. I am very methodical personally, as you’d expect from a software engineer, so to me it reads like a lot of superficial non sequiturs, from one incomplete thought to the next, but for pithiness sake, and because I think this is more like how most people communicate! I reckon a change is for the best. Plus it offers an opportunity to be more up-to-date about the exciting goings on of late.

The change was prompted by the decision at Patreon to switch to a new “streamlined” presentation. I just finished finalizing the necessary adjustments. Details are on the page.

I am still working on what will become Sword of Moonlight’s all new 3D modeling side. So I have nothing to report this month. There is three months of programming work now available in the CODE folder, under DAEDALUS. But it’s incomplete. It marks a milestone, but I was just wary to continue working on it any longer without committing some of the files to online repository for safe keeping. So, I guess that’s all. Until next month then! Thoughts in the Forum Discussion!!

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