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Exit: May, 2015 Archive

I give you the future!

Friday, May 8th, 2015 by Holy at

Exit: Literary Machines

Fuh, fuh, fuh, finally, I’ve done it, after all…

Gosh, I don’t know where to begin. Unh-uh, I started last year like in October, or sometime around that time, working on what I thought then would be a two month project or so; or that’s what I was psychically prepared for anyway. What I set out to do was to make a text editor for Sword of Moonlight with the immediate objective of providing a graphical interface way to translate/customize the in-game text that is basically built into the game-player. I knew it would be more than that, and to call it a text-editor, while factual, is not exactly accurate, since those two words are more or less inextricably bound to being a compound word that doesn’t quite capture what I had in mind for Sword of Moonlight; not then nor now. The general nuts and bolts of it haven’t really changed from the offset, still it’s been six months all told, and only then to be able to release the bare minimum functionality of a complete system, and only so that I can give it a rest, before I’ve had more of one thing than I can physically bear.

The “text-editor” itself it turns out IS none other than SOM_MAIN in the flesh. As the title suggests, this is the first tool you encounter when taking Sword of Moonlight out for a spin. Until now it hadn’t actually been a tool, but instead three buttons, with three simple functions, and a fourth for quitting Sword of Moonlight; or the Exit, which is where the name of this blog is taken from in fact. MAIN is actually short for Main Menu, which is a little bit of a play on King’s Field, because that’s what its in-game menu is called. But this new editor side of SOM_MAIN completely changes the meaning. The new SOM_MAIN is a labyrinthine tool rivaled only by SOM_MAP in its outgrowth of screens. It is completely independent of the other tools, it represents the text of the game and that is all, unencumbered by the game project files. This way the projects themselves are able to be language-neutral, and the text removed from the projects can be freely edited, translated, annotated, and organized independently of the projects’ structure.

Continued: I give you the future!

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