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Exit: September, 2014 Archive

Whoa there. Not so fast!

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 by Holey Moley at

Exit: King of KING'S FIELDs

Behold KING’S FIELD II in all of its resplendent glory!

This is a speed run on Youtube made by szsk. The picture is foggy and grey but otherwise it’s a great introduction to KF2 since you get to see so much of it in around 1hr flat. Of course the play is pretty unorthodox since it is a speed run after all…

But here is the thing. I don’t understand why I even have to argue with anyone that this is the best game ever spawned by the human race. It’s just so utterly gorgeous, nothing else even compares; having it all fired at you rapid fire just makes it all the more obvious, undeniably so, no mincing words.

Continued: Whoa there. Not so fast!

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