1. Exodian says,

    I was attempting to get SOM to work on Windows 10… and it works smoothly, but there’s one problem: I cannot get Playtesting to work. I have tried to use the example and even that doesn’t run. I have downloaded the DX9 websetup and ran it, and it doesn’t update (There is a higher or equal distribution installed). I had also downloaded the runtimes and installed them to no avail. I have tried every compatability mode that I thought would work. (Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 98). No dice. Help?

  2. Holy says,

    Exodian, I will write you an email, but here (http://www.swordofmoonlight.net/bbs2/index.php?topic=298.msg2749#msg2749) someone else is having a problem with this too.