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Author Topic: STICKY: Smiley Hunter  (Read 8856 times)

Holy Diver

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Holy Diver says,
« on: October 09, 2012, 07:41:16 PM »

Let's face it, there are a lot of really really ugly smileys out there on the internet. But I am a big fan of smileys. The trick is just finding the ones that get their message across while being pleasing to look at.

Ever since I've been administrating websites I've kept my eye out for well done smileys. You could even say that I am a bit of a collector of smileys. Anyway I found my first new smiley for a long time just now :thumbsup:

I just nick the things wherever I find them devil may care. And I just thought it would be a good idea to ask everyone that ever comes to make a home here to join in the great smiley hunt with me/us here :1zhelp:

Credit where credit is due. I inherited the bulk of these smileys from websites I've either inherited or had been forced to take over (for lack of any other takers) over the years. I won't go into gory detail. That's just a nod to anyone who knows what I am talking about.

But brass tax if you look at the smileys available in the post form here its pretty obvious the kind of smileys that are welcome here...

A) The circumference of the round head if there is one needs to be about the size of an average line of text, which incidentally is the same size as all of the other smileys here. They can vary by only about a pixel. If the smiley is not head based it can have a bit more lee way.

B) The background needs to be transparent. There are a number of not featured smileys that are not transparent. These need some work. If you post a smiley here please doctor the background to be transparent first if it isn't already and you know what you are doing.

C) Generally it's best if the lines are clean. I prefer personally the hard black outline and solid colour smileys, but as long as the head size is appropriate for embedding in average height text its hard to make a smiley too ugly.

D) Smileys expressing derogatory and intolerant positions toward others are not welcome here and should not exist in the world. You know these when you see them. Likewise for violent and unjust smileys ... bottom line ugly smileys are not welcome whether they are ugly on the outside or inside :tongue:

E) That said there is a grey area that is perfectly acceptable. Like we have an angry smiley in case you want to rant at corporations or some other faceless evil out there in the world. And you are welcome to be cheeky as long as keep everything impersonal, or at least passive aggressive :evil:

All smileys will be available on demand in the form of a .zip file. Allow time for processing :saint:

PS: Be sure to not miss the additional smileys in the popup window on the post form. Just click the [more] button below the featured smileys :thumbsup: