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Holy Diver:
This post is mainly for people trying to register with the forums, though it applies to the site itself as well. The assumption is if you're registering with the site like any normal person would then things should proceed naturally for you. Though you still might get confused by the time you get to the forum...

Could the process be more streamlined? Possibly. But if it keeps people out who can't figure out how to hook up with a website then maybe that is for the best. Apologies to non-English speaking users, I know it's a minefield. I expect one of you all to breach our security and explain to others how to do the same in the appropriate "other" language forum.


If you try to register directly through the forum. You might notice the big wall of words which begins with the words "Attention:" or you may not. If not maybe you are one of the kind we'd rather not get thru, but either way... what it's telling you is you don't register with the forum. You register with the site itself, then you login to the forum.

I've left the registration page in for people familiar with Simple Machine Forums, and just as a fun memento of the past (you can try to answer the KF trivia, but it doesn't matter -- the answers are 3 Moonlight Melanat)

You can navigate to the registration page by exiting the forum and clicking on the "Register" button in the sidebar. Or for the desperately confused you can click the Registration button on the page form (though that will lead to some ugly side effects)

Once on the registration page that has a banner reading "Sword of Moonlight Press" enter your desired user name and email address. Then fill out the Captcha puzzle, then hit the GO! button or whatever is there.

An email should be sent to you from the site with your password in it. The email may end up in your spambox as these kinds of emails do. You'll need the password to login! Now in order to verify your account you must login once to the site proper thru the "Login" link in the sidebar. You should be on another page with the Sword of Moonlight Press banner when logging in.

Once you are logged in you might want to change your password via the Profile page to something you can more easily remember.

If you try to login to the forum first, your account will still be in an unverified state and it won't work!

Now you should be able to login to the forum with your username and new/more memorable password. There is only one registration, but you login separately. One login may timeout before the other for example.

The site is still new and there is a lot of complicated stuff going here. Problems may arise. Please bear with us. If you're truly stuck you should be able to post a comment to one of the post/pages on the site blog to get some attention.

Holy Diver:

I've manually updated (hacked) the Recaptcha login so that it works again, since Google retired the old "V1" version earlier this year (or maybe that's the first time the problem was brought to my attention.)

It's kind of rough because I haven't updated the WordPress install here in a very long time... so I have to try to find ancient compatible plugins. In this case I modified the existing one... and may try to help others with the modification here:

I haven't confirmed that failing the challenge actually works... but I have feeling if it doesn't that there might be new spam very soon. As always I had not problem registering a new account. I worry that the spam countermeasures just recognize my IP address as belonging to the administrator.

If you cannot register, please contact me through any other channel, and I will set you up an account.


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