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STICKY: Board Etiquette


Holy Diver:
Ok, I made a sticky post not long ago about board rules. This one is about board etiquette. Nothing here is mandatory, but it's just to try to elevate the level of coolness around here.

If you seem to abide by the rules outlined, it might help you rise to moderator status or whatever, or just make yourself look like a model pillar of the community or something  :smokin:

I'm not going to lock this thread. So people can post ideas, which can be up for limited debate. I will probably split those posts once they wind down however.

In my summation I think the future of a forum/website lies in the wisdom of the admin. So I will have the last say / my attitudes will colour the outcome of any input anyone can offer. So I'd say best not to argue with me, unless you feel you can really make a case :sweatdrop:

I think we can just make a list. Feel free to toss in your 2 cents. I only have one idea to kick things off.

Let's try to avoid threads with 0 replies

Now here me out. Many forums, especially support oriented ones, which I feel like we kind of are here. Have a feature to look for unanswered posts. This forum might even have one somewhere. Anyway, I'd appreciate if we make an effort to make sure that doesn't happen.

I will personally pretty much reply earnestly to anyone's post if necessary as long as that is humanly possible. So that mainly leaves my posts that are in need of replies!! I think it makes things look better if we at least try to have a conversation when someone comes up with something they think others might like to riff on. They probably wondered what others might think. Anyway, you don't have to make a huge effort, but I think going forward it would look more cohesive if there are not posts left dangling completely. And I think we can do better than a token post. So everyone could try to at least say something. If you don't want to have a discussion, be sure to not say anything controversial or something that begs a question. That's all.

As much as it would be cool to me if this place was like a true blue KF ghost town with one lonely occupant that goes on and on more and less.... it's pretty safe to say that's probably not a very welcoming atmosphere. I mean I think probably everyone who loves KF-esque ghost towns are probably already assembled here more or less.

Bear in mind, it can almost seem like a willing act of cruelty when peoples acts of participation go ignored. And it also does not look so good if only one person is trying to make sure that doesn't happen (that begins to look almost like an act of pity)

Peace (until I come up with a new idea)

Holy Diver:
Necro/double posting

Don't worry about double posting if there is any chance that someone has read your post and won't therefore notice your edits.

Necro-posting (replying to an older post) is strongly encouraged. It's good of you to use the search function and contribute to a past post or revive an older post.

In fact, creating duplicate topics is strongly discouraged ... you may find your duplicate merged or moved to the topical posting forum (which is pruned) ... which brings me to my final pronouncement. Topical posting should be kept to a minimum unless the topic seems like it could be historic. If you must, post to the Beginner/nonsense sub-forum. The "Public Discussion" forum is meant for thoughtful and not redundant posting. That way it can be a resource for the future.

Finally, feel free to post anything. There is no reason for anxiety. But do use proper English grammar and sentence structure if you are a native English speaker. If you are not consider posting in the language you are most comfortable and then do your best to repeat yourself in English in the same post. Either way let us know that you are learning English later in life.

Just do your homework before posting... chances are there are already answers to your fix or another thread somewhere that has already ventured down the same road... and you'll be good.


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