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STICKY: Rules of Engagement


Holy Diver:
This topic is a list of rules users are expected to follow. You get one warning for any rules outlined here, then you can expect to be banned for the next breaking of said rule. Your first ban will probably be little more than a speed bump. Subsequent bans won't be much worse unless they happen within close proximity of one another. No account will be permanently banned unless it appears to be a bot or vandal (or a significant drain on moderator resources) 

Your posts may also be split off, or merged at any time. And if the content of the post does not meet the board guidelines (see board description) it may be moved to a non-public board until it is resolved, if ever. If you fail to stay on topic, per the subject of a topic, don't be surprised if your posts get shuffled around. And you may get banned as described above if moderators are kept too busy doing this on your behalf.

The current (as of the last edit) description of this board is, "G-rated, safe for work/radio discussion. Keep it impersonal. Opinions are not subject to debate or persuasion."

The basic meaning, if not clear, is you don't use any words which would be bleeped on network television/radio. Furthermore do not discuss anything so salacious it would not be allowed within the theme of any such program. I assume these standards are broadly equivalent in the US, Canada, and UK. This is an English board however whatever language you wanna speak is also ok.

Finally you're expected to more or less discuss Som related stuff in a non-personal way. This is to avoid people being brow beaten and generally discouraged from contributing and expressing themselves. Feel free to express yourself however you like as long as the subject matter is not interpersonal. If something someone says offends you, you can try to reach them in private if you feel a need to resolve something. If you don't feel like doing that, you're advised to forget it and not dwell on it. Chances are you're imagining things anyway. If you somehow manage to offend someone without breaking any other rules outlined so far above your speech is 100% protected under forum guidelines. If people have a problem with that, it's their problem.


Any word can be censored for any reason by replacing letters with asterisks (the * character) only. One asterisk per letter. Be careful censoring words. If you end up with a sentence that would get you banned should the asterisks be replaced with this word or that, then you will be so banned.

Private Information

Do not post anything remotely personal information wise, especially that of others'. For example, real life names, emails, addresses, or any kind of detail about peoples lives which might inadvertently identify them. Failure to do so may result in permanent banning to the best of administrations' ability. Ie. it's considered vandalism as explained up top^

Holy Diver:
Names and Titles

Every account in the forum or elsewhere on the website has a username. That is the name of that account, and you should address the person (or whatever) behind that account only by that name under any and all circumstances. This is both to avoid confusion, and to protect users' privacy.

If you have a relationship with a person outside the forum, and know they use a particular account, it's understandable you might accidentally address them by another name, be it their legal name, or an account name from another website. If moderators spot this they will correct it, and probably post to remind you what they did. If that becomes a problem you might get banned. Surprise surprise.

The bigger problem is misspelling or failing to properly render someone's account name. Or the name of a project someone is working on or involved with. Or a game they are responsible for, basically anything with a proper title. You're not allowed to do this. This is to avoid any appearance of disrespect, so it does not lead to conflict, and to encourage an atmosphere of respect. Failing to do so more than once (not per name/title) will get yourself banned.

For very long words, you can cut it down to the first four letters or more, but the word must remain no more than half the length were it fully written. You may append an apostrophe when contracting words this way and the last couple-ish letters after that if you wish. Try not to do this if there is any room for confusion.

You cannot start a name or title anywhere other than the first word. You can leave off subsequent words as a form of contraction. Additional words can be shortened to initials. Which may or may not include a period.

You can self censor a name/title if you must. Ie. replace letters with asterisks on a per letter basis.

Acceptable examples...

Holy Diver
Holy D
Holy D'
Holy D.
Mr. Holy Diver

Unacceptable examples...

Holy Div'
Mr. Diver

Honorific prefixes are generally discouraged. Do not out peoples gender. Respect the gender of the account profile.

You can use abbreviations like KF (King's Field) in place of titles if the authors are cool with it or use the abbreviations themselves. If authors indicate a preferred contracted form of their title, treat it as a title in and of itself with the same care outlined above.

Needless to say! Do not post people's real life names, especially their surname etc. That might even get you insta perma-banned. Respect peoples' anonymity. Same goes for anything personal you know about anyone. Especially contact information/addresses etc.

Holy Diver:

Capitalize sentences. Capitalize proper nouns. Use periods followed by a space. Try to use other punctuation according to standard English. Read a book now and then.

Do your best to spell correctly. Better yet, use inline spell-checking. Do not use nonstandard abbreviations.

Honest misspelling will not get you banned, but may cause you to be taken less seriously. Everything else will. If English is not your first language, put that in your signature, you will be given leeway.

Don't post via online translation tools. Better that you post a fluent, non-English post. We will make a forum in any language if two people want to use it to talk about Sword of Moonlight only (in that language)


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