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Author Topic: STICKY: Facts of this board  (Read 3187 times)

Holy Diver

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Holy Diver says,
« on: March 29, 2014, 11:12:23 PM »

Posts to this board do not count towards your forum post totals. So if you only post in this board you will appear to have 0 posts. It's no big deal.

Topics/threads in here are ephemeral. That's why posts don't count towards totals. This means the threads are subject to removal by regular pruning. How regular? Maybe never. We'll see.

Does your post belong on this board? If it isn't about the development of Sword of Moonlight probably. But don't worry about it. Your topic will get moved to the appropriate board.

Also don't worry too much about what you post in here. But do keep it at least tenuously related to Sword of Moonlight. Anything not related to SOM in these boards, on this site that is, is subject to deletion. In fact it should be promptly deleted.

What is related to SOM? Well lots. Anything about art and games in the abstract is related to SOM, but not all kinds of games, and probably not all kinds of art. A lot of things aren't though.

If you are just posting to be social you are probably in the wrong forum. This is not a social forum. You are not here to make friends, or find your soul-mate, or relate your daily activities and personal trials and tribulations. If you want to be private friends or colleagues with someone, shoot them a Private Message. In fact, that's the only thing you should use PMs for. Don't try to maintain a private relationship via the PM system. Trade personal contact information and take it offsite.

Yes it's the Nonsense forum, but your nonsense must stay on topic, namely in relation to SOM.
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