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Author Topic: The elusive/illusive ones (Seath & Guyra?)  (Read 6729 times)

Holy Diver

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Holy Diver says,
« Reply #15 on: January 01, 2017, 09:36:36 AM »

I'm pulling the (illegal) Critchley Book link because it's at 134 downloads or so. I think that might account for the new most people online concurrently stat from back in November. 149. Sorry.

It's possible it just got that way from bots scraping the pages over time, but I think I checked it somewhat recently and it was still relatively low, hits wise. (I only wanted to share it with people not interested in David Bowie per se, who would not otherwise purchase/seek out the book. It seems like some David Bowie site or chat room might have found it/linked to it or something.)

EDITED: I hope search-engine didn't include the PDF itself (by title) in its search results. If so I'd be supremely embarrassed. That possibility only just occurred to me. Crazy Internet today. BTW: The file was named Book.PDF. In hindsight at the very least I should have renamed it to remove the PDF. You live you learn.
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