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Below is a list of the smileys available on this forum. Note that smileys may differ from forum to forum.

Please note that not all of the smiley codes will be correctly parsed and converted to images unless their opening spaces are present.

Name Image (click to insert) Code (type to insert)
realspinsmilieanimation :realspinsmilieanimation: :realspinsmilieanimation:
WhiteMage_walk_front :WhiteMage_walk_front: :WhiteMage_walk_front:
BlackMage_walk_front :BlackMage_walk_front: :BlackMage_walk_front:
BubbleMonkey-ani-bas :BubbleMonkey-ani-bas: :BubbleMonkey-ani-bas:
RedMage_walk_front :RedMage_walk_front: :RedMage_walk_front:
Blinky_hover_west :Blinky_hover_west: :Blinky_hover_west:
Butterfly-ani-12 :Butterfly-ani-12: :Butterfly-ani-12:
AppleKid-ani-bas :AppleKid-ani-bas: :AppleKid-ani-bas:
ShyGuyPink_walk :ShyGuyPink_walk: :ShyGuyPink_walk:
enemykd-tomato :enemykd-tomato: :enemykd-tomato:
Pencil-ani-bas :Pencil-ani-bas: :Pencil-ani-bas:
Crono_drinking :Crono_drinking: :Crono_drinking:
NessPJ-ani-bas :NessPJ-ani-bas: :NessPJ-ani-bas:
Cid_walk_east :Cid_walk_east: :Cid_walk_east:
BlueCow-ani-8 :BlueCow-ani-8: :BlueCow-ani-8:
Smiley-Cookie :Smiley-Cookie: :Smiley-Cookie:
CecilD_crouch :CecilD_crouch: :CecilD_crouch:
linkwalkdown :linkwalkdown: :linkwalkdown:
Happy-ani-16 :Happy-ani-16: :Happy-ani-16:
SquirrelLrun :SquirrelLrun: :SquirrelLrun:
crossfingers :crossfingers: :crossfingers:
screwattack :screwattack: :screwattack:
kidic_death :kidic_death: :kidic_death:
Jeff-ani-32 :Jeff-ani-32: :Jeff-ani-32:
zx11shocked :zx11shocked: :zx11shocked:
footinmouth :footinmouth: :footinmouth:
kirby_small :kirby_small: :kirby_small:
Edward_harp :Edward_harp: :Edward_harp:
purplelink :purplelink: :purplelink:
mickeyduck :mickeyduck: :mickeyduck:
Smurf_walk :Smurf_walk: :Smurf_walk:
Ghost_blue :Ghost_blue: :Ghost_blue:
energytank :energytank: :energytank:
FireFlower :FireFlower: :FireFlower:
Nemo_death :Nemo_death: :Nemo_death:
lolocringe :lolocringe: :lolocringe:
harry_jump :harry_jump: :harry_jump:
5innocent2 :5innocent2: :5innocent2:
icon_pfeif :icon_pfeif: :icon_pfeif:
movingeyes :movingeyes: :movingeyes:
fusionball :fusionball: :fusionball:
Nemo_walk :Nemo_walk: :Nemo_walk:
notworthy :notworthy: :notworthy:
buttercup :buttercup: :buttercup:
sweatdrop :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
SavePoint :SavePoint: :SavePoint:
guitarist :guitarist: :guitarist:
firstmate :firstmate: :firstmate:
bomberman :bomberman: :bomberman:
goodnight :goodnight: :goodnight:
Mickeydie :Mickeydie: :Mickeydie:
danceroll :danceroll: :danceroll:
nesspeace :nesspeace: :nesspeace:
chaching :chaching: :chaching:
contract :contract: :contract:
beerchug :beerchug: :beerchug:
Cid_wave :Cid_wave: :Cid_wave:
chainsaw :chainsaw: :chainsaw:
confused :confused: :confused:
yin-yang :yin-yang: :yin-yang:
dollsoul :dollsoul: :dollsoul:
linkfall :linkfall: :linkfall:
mushroom :mushroom: :mushroom:
pumpking :pumpking: :pumpking:
bluelink :bluelink: :bluelink:
censored :censored: :censored:
groundal :groundal: :groundal:
popcorn2 :popcorn2: :popcorn2:
msmiley2 :msmiley2: :msmiley2:
cuccoan2 :cuccoan2: :cuccoan2:
Roll Eyes :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
rainbow :rainbow: :rainbow:
redlink :redlink: :redlink:
octoroc :octoroc: :octoroc:
grumble :grumble: :grumble:
wheelie :wheelie: :wheelie:
twisted :twisted: :twisted:
redface :redface: :redface:
monocle :monocle: :monocle:
sflower :sflower: :sflower:
drummer :drummer: :drummer:
science :science: :science:
higgins :higgins: :higgins:
biggrin :biggrin: :biggrin:
medpack :medpack: :medpack:
hearton :hearton: :hearton:
blooper :blooper: :blooper:
aroused :aroused: :aroused:
cuccoan :cuccoan: :cuccoan:
lecture :lecture: :lecture:
megaman :megaman: :megaman:
ragnar :ragnar: :ragnar:
circle :circle: :circle:
axeman :axeman: :axeman:
pirate :pirate: :pirate:
updown :updown: :updown:
mickey :mickey: :mickey:
cloud9 :cloud9: :cloud9:
coffee :coffee: :coffee:
crying :crying: :crying:
jester :jester: :jester:
1zhelp :1zhelp: :1zhelp:
ignore :ignore: :ignore:
face85 :face85: :face85:
jetpac :jetpac: :jetpac:
alien2 :alien2: :alien2:
bobomb :bobomb: :bobomb:
face15 :face15: :face15:
smash2 :smash2: :smash2:
silent :silent: :silent:
missle :missle: :missle:
nolaff :nolaff: :nolaff:
spiral :spiral: :spiral:
twitch :twitch: :twitch:
smokin :smokin: :smokin:
monkey :monkey: :monkey:
grlink :grlink: :grlink:
static :static: :static:
dancev :dancev: :dancev:
batman :batman: :batman:
face82 :face82: :face82:
Tongue :tongue: :tongue:
OOooh :OOooh: :OOooh:
chill :chill: :chill:
dance :dance: :dance:
plant :plant: :plant:
dazed :dazed: :dazed:
koopa :koopa: :koopa:
birdo :birdo: :birdo:
order :order: :order:
mrunl :mrunl: :mrunl:
irked :irked: :irked:
yoshi :yoshi: :yoshi:
ninja :ninja: :ninja:
saint :saint: :saint:
bosko :bosko: :bosko:
drool :drool: :drool:
mixed :mixed: :mixed:
5bomb :5bomb: :5bomb:
evils :evils: :evils:
block :block: :block:
snail :snail: :snail:
viola :viola: :viola:
smile :smile: :smile:
rant2 :rant2: :rant2:
banjo :banjo: :banjo:
spiky :spiky: :spiky:
beezo :beezo: :beezo:
frown :frown: :frown:
sick :sick: :sick:
1367 :1367: :1367:
coin :coin: :coin:
geno :geno: :geno:
chef :chef: :chef:
spit :spit: :spit:
razz :razz: :razz:
read :read: :read:
fush :fush: :fush:
xmas :xmas: :xmas:
devo :devo: :devo:
band :band: :band:
zahn :zahn: :zahn:
love :love: :love:
whee :whee: :whee:
smug :smug: :smug:
yumm :yumm: :yumm:
rofl :rofl: :rofl:
tdo2 :tdo2: :tdo2:
yawn :yawn: :yawn:
star :star: :star:
Life :Life: :Life:
bowl :bowl: :bowl:
bees :bees: :bees:
yarr :yarr: :yarr:
blow :blow: :blow:
king :king: :king:
Cool :cool: :cool:
Evil :evil: :evil:
Wink :wink: :wink:
731 :731: :731:
doh :doh: :doh:
opa :opa: :opa:
cop :cop: :cop:
mad :mad: :mad:
508 :508: :508:
eek :eek: :eek:
bob :bob: :bob:
713 :713: :713:
943 :943: :943:
box :box: :box:
676 :676: :676:
ssh :ssh: :ssh:
zol :zol: :zol:
cow :cow: :cow:
sun :sun: :sun:
dw :dw: :dw:
xd :xd: :xd:
hm :hm: :hm:
v :v: :v:
k :k: :k:
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