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Midlife crisis

November 4th, 2022 by Holy at

This is a statement as to why I have to put this project on indefinite pause. All year (my 40th) but mostly in October I’ve been put through a ringer that bears the same minute details as what Philip K Dick went through that led him to write his Exegesis. However it seems I’ve been better prepared for this encounter, ever since I was a young child. It led me down into its underworld. King’s Field is a crude map of its underworld. I’d also been given a detailed map in the form of plans for a new, larger version of King’s Field that aided me in this difficult journey. I seem to have learned secrets of how our world really works while down there. It’s not pretty. I was led along the path of P and beyond via a hard bounce. This sentence is cryptic because it’s for those who know of what I speak. I’m told now I should be reuniting with my family, helping to develop our country property where I’ve lived, and I might have a paid part time job in the city, so I can’t divide my time to also do this project. I’m not supposed to speak of this, but I’ve never been a liar and I’m not going to start now where it concerns myself and my personal project. For this reason I can offer no more details for now. (PKD’s books and testimonies were also among the maps given to me in my preparations.)

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