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Exit: The Saga Continues

And, pours and pours and pours.

October 7th, 2015 by Holy at

It’s half urgent micro-release, half follow-up to the previous release. Oh, did I mention? there’s a new release! Yes, already. I know; it’s been like two weeks. I also want to write about some of the activity that will be underway before work begins on the next release, if only to pad out this blog post.

First/foremost there’s a stupendous virtual memory leak that this release takes care of. It isn’t a legacy bug, and I don’t know how far back it goes. Likely either a long way back, or just a release or two back, since I’ve recently been wreaking havoc around the places where the bug lived.

It would not have been apparent until now anyway, because I had not until recently worked with a project ambitious enough to really take a toll on the system’s memory. Still I want to stress that it’s very important to update to this release immediately.

There are various extensions that I will touch on in the Forum Discussion, however the other main bit I want to write about is to do with the “pinning” system introduced in Windows 7. I’ve worked on this a few times in the past, and still it wasn’t until I recently began using Windows 10 with a new computer that I noticed problems; perhaps problems that are not apparent in 7.

Regardless I’m now confident that this release does pinning correctly. It doesn’t include the very limited task list of recent releases because Microsoft seems to have changed how it works. I have ambitious plans to return to the task list later, but beside being final, and correctly pinning standalone games, the pinned program now acts as a host for all open Sword of Moonlight programs, meaning that if everything is working correctly there will only ever be one copy of it on the task bar and system tray, paving the way for the “always on experience” I’ve long longed for.

- – - – - – - – - – -

Today it occurred to me how the new animated GIF screenshot system is going to work. This is what I’m supposed to be working on after this release. Also I have to put SomEx down to work on preparing Sword of Moonlight’s original stock artwork for the new anti-aliasing-like system that the new screenshot system is being built in the service of.

The new screenshot system will also come in handy for preparing effects-free masters. To be clear, I’m describing the future right now. The new screenshots will be part of a regular Windows-like menu screen that you can open by pressing S on the pause screen. This is perfect since the popup menu will not interfere with the game while paused at all, and you can frame your shot by pausing and visually verifying that you are happy with it.

I’ve chosen to not clutter the game with additional information on the paused screen, so you will have to read about this feature elsewhere, or discover it by using the F6 overlay, which provides a prompt to press S (to begin recording) when paused (for the time being, recording meaning: save a screenshot.)

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