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Rathmor project w/ Ex teaser demo!!

December 27th, 2012 by Holy at

Alas a December release is not in the cards for SomEx.dll (ver. but you can try out a new demonstration of a Sword of Moonlight game in the works tentatively entitled “Rathmor” incorporating a “nightly build” of the update.

What happened? Well everything is ready. Except a last minute performance killing bug in the GNU (for Win32) libintl library reared its head. A workaround will be found before what will hopefully be an early New Year’s 2013 release.

The demo is a standalone game, however it includes all original artwork (so that you will not have to download anything much that already comes with SOM.)

Rathmor’s demo does not use libintl. But a second bug (one of SOM’s) can make the demo difficult for some users. Follow the “Forum Discussion” link below to obtain the 150MB (288MB expanded) download, information, and updates!

Forum Discussion

2 Responses to “Rathmor project w/ Ex teaser demo!!”

  1. says,

    Here ( is the announcement thread at

    EDITED: The link above seems to be behind a hotlink firewall. You can copy it into the address bar of your browser by hand to get to the destination. The webmaster has been informed.

    It includes a link to this ( page where it is recommended you look for the demo. The top post has a link directly to the .zip file, also hosted here, but there is no telling how long it will be before that link goes dead.

    Click on “Forum Discussion” for more in depth information.

  2. Holy says,

    Once in you can press Esc (escape) on your keyboard to change the “Analog Mode” for dual joystick game play. The Beta mode (2-B) just inverts the look up/down axis. This feature is so far unique to this demo.

    If you’ve tried all of the modes and your controller still doesn’t work as desired. Please let us know in the forum so that your mode can be added to future games (it’s just a simple matter of editing the Ex.ini file; anyone can do it in fact)

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