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Friends in high places

To anybody visiting or returning to here, I’ve not dropped the ball on Sword of Moonlight and everything else, but I’ve been going through a lot in the past months that’s been spurred on by a “supernatural” string of daily events pushing and pulling me in different directions. I want to say it’s all in my head and I need some kind of medical attention, but the truth is there’s not really a medical solution and it’s not medical seeming at all. I’ve had a day job for less than 2.5 months, that I had to quit because the work environment was surprisingly bad, even though the job itself was a really good fit for me. I’m also trying to fit work on projects into my life. But I’m being regularly encouraged to find friends, and even make a family. But something about the “path” I’m walking is showing me how difficult or impossible that can be in our world today under my circumstances. I think I’m not alone in this. So, I just want everyone to know, that I really need to make friends somehow okay. I know that not everyone has a platform like a website, like this, and a game dev project/system to be able to reach out like I’m doing now. And right now this site has problems, including that email notifications aren’t working, so people (you) can’t even register with it until I can figure out what’s stopped working in the past few months.

You can leave a comment on this post if you want to get in touch so we can register you or help you out with Sword of Moonlight or even hang out. is a permanent Discord invite, where you can contact me on Discord as “m.” in there. #7761 is my full ID if you want to make direct contact, if that’s simpler for you. I’ve tried to find places to meet people in my city and just about every dating app, and it’s not working out for me. I’ve tried using Discord in meetup groups, to some extent, where young people are teenagers. It seems like right now it’s very hard to make contact with anyone if you’re alone, which I think a lot of us probably are now. My city isn’t a big city, I’m thinking of going to swimming pools soon, I mean, cities seem like bigger ghost towns right now than King’s Field’s towns. I wouldn’t have thought it until I really tried to. I was most surprised by dating apps. I mean they don’t work at all, they’re gold digging scams, and it’s almost impossible to meet people through them. So, where I stand is, please, if you believe in this project, let’s talk and be in a loop together. I’m trying to get my act together, but this may be my final front page post for a while.

I’m still working bugs out of the new order-independent transparency feature that’s become my focus of late. I’m aware of some performance problems. A generic transparency system (sorting triangles by screen depth) is a tall order. It’s something that I hope will make Sword of Moonlight standout since it’s something modern games have given up on making work.

Meanwhile my life is pretty weird, and I’m trying to clean up my house and family land.

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