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Occupy the Sword of Moonlight net!

Monday, October 31st, 2011 by Holy at

Exit: Hack the Planet!

And welcome back to KFMT radio; simulcasted and syndicated clear across the KING’S FIELD multiverse wherever and whenever applicable for more than 3000 creation cycles. Available on over 40 radio and cable television stations, satellite TV and XM radio, and wherever pirates set sail, be it by land sea air space or the indomitable planes of our fevered dreams and nightmares…

We’d like to take this time to invite everyone and anyone and their friends and neighbors to join us this weekend as we occupy There will be refreshments and games, fun for the whole family. Feel free to let loose and hang around for a spell, hell, forever if you like what you see. Liches and senior citizens; ask for the early bird special and your front of the line passes.

You won’t want to miss the labyrinthine wiki and circuitous web ring. These initiatives are direly in need of participants if they are to ever languish and dwindle before becoming properly deserted ghost towns befitting our innumerable haunted and beloved lands.

Oh and before we go. We want to mention that KFMT will have its own booth where we are collecting your movies and audio recordings on behalf of the “remembering yesterday today” project: All private thoughts are for naught, no use for tomorrow, no value to today. Underwritten by Friends of Seath & Guyra. Who would like to remind you that, “without everything there is nothing; and vice versa”.

And now a word from our commercial sponsors; It’s never been easier to hack your own brain [...]

Forum Discussion wiki madness

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 by Holy at

Exit: Wiki baptism by blog

Say what!? A new (English) wiki is upon us? But there’s not even a website at! Not as of today anyway; right?? Yeah, well it seems no one thought to explain this impediment to

Lazily it sprouted forth. A spring chicken hydra head thing. It yawns; teeth shewn in morning dew. Let us pray; to the unpronounceable cyberspace leviathan from whence it is risen. Pray that it is the first of some great many such heads. Heads perched atop long scrolling necks. Necks adorned by great many bold lines. Lines of edits in eon shed skin.

Chaos be upon it. Ah-man (lehayim)

Forum Discussion

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