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Exit: Daedalus 3-D Archive

Let the execution begin!

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 by Holy at

Exit: A year in purgatory

I completed the initial work on my long-in-progress COLLADA-DOM rewrite effort yesterday. There is a development snapshot posted in the project forum:

Tomorrow is the Donald Trump election. I don’t know what Thanatos drives us to the brink, but it’s more than I care to take. Perhaps in two days the world will find ourselves in a Fellini film, across from Berlusconi’s Italia.

I had a chance opportunity to speak with a Khronos Group forum moderator — and probably employee — owing to a spam report I submitted. They were so polite, I mentioned my interest in taking on COLLADA anew. COLLADA — being an orphan project most likely — it turns out was assigned to the group’s elected president: Neil Trevett. Since my message was going to be forwarded to them, I realized, as fate would have it actually, that it was a rare opportunity to communicate the anti-aliasing “killer” technology I hit upon last year. I thought there might be a chance to patent it yet, and use proceeds from a patent to seed a grant foundation in service of the 3-D arts. Mr. Trevett holds many patents in the field, and is the president of a division of Nvidia according to his Wikipedia article. It could be the best of all worlds…

The employee told me he was traveling when we first spoke on the subject of contacting someone within the organization concerning COLLADA. Other than that I’ve not heard word back from them. It’s been a week or so since that weekend. It seems like a perfect arrangement. I am glad to have the tacit approval of Mark Barnes. I don’t know why these things don’t go more swimmingly. It’s just been my experience that nothing is like in the movies. We are our better angels there. That said; my life has certainly been replete with movie-like events. They just tend to be things unshared. I often find it very strange.

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-- A month to go.

Sunday, May 29th, 2016 by Holy at

Exit: A month ago,

It’s been another month already, with nary a peep here, and so, this month, I should try to explain what this work of late is, and what it is-not, and what it means in practice to Sword of Moonlight.

As you must realize — if you’ve been following the proceedings — this COLLADA-related work is to have bearing on the 3-D art side of Sword of Moonlight (SOM) development. But how? This isn’t a simple question, and for now it needs to be restricted to just the work that has been underway so far; as this project is expansive in scope, as much so as SOM is: and, so far I’ve not been able to escape the gravity of “planet-COLLADA!” I’d not expected the job to be so great, but I had anticipated that it might go this way; COLLADA is, or was, a grand project that began about a decade or so ago. It hasn’t fallen off the face of the planet — yet — but it’s only that nothing’s come along to fill its shoes, it hasn’t.

Continued: — A month to go.

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The month of November

Monday, November 30th, 2015 by Holy at

Exit: Daedalus Attack!

I know it’s been quiet here all month, so I want to explain something of what I’ve been up to. But first I was hoping to be writing about new art files going up to fix the cracks in the 3D map tiles caused by the recent addition of an anti-aliasing-like extension (this is mentioned time and time again in past months blog posts) and the holes that are in the textures, left by From Software.

However I’ve not heard from the artist who’d pledged to do this work for weeks. Last I heard from them they were working on it, supposedly (I hate to say it so publicly but this is a pattern with this artist; so I say it parenthetically.) It’s because I actually tried to take this job on for myself that instead I’ve ventured off into completely different territory lately. The troubles I ran into trying to work with the tools left by From Software were too great, and their choice of the X format for 3D model input into the tools proved the greatest hurdle of them all. I don’t think it was a bad choice, but the years have not been kind to the X format.

(Yes, artists have told me this time and again, but I couldn’t believe them, it’s a very fine format and introduced by Microsoft for use with its Direct X libraries, so I do not understand how it could so fall out of fashion.)

There is practically no support for X one way or the other. So faced with an existential crisis of sorts, and also feeling it’s time to place a premium on the art development department; or that is to make it a priority; I’ve made plans in length to completely reinvent Sword of Moonlight’s art workflow! It is an all consuming undertaking. I’ve already been at it for long hours most of the month.

I will describe the future here now. And I should add that the cracks in the 3D tiles really are an interruption in the short term that can be addressed. The other models do not feature so many cracks, but to address them in any way will necessarily entail a complete sea change…

Continued: The month of November

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