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Exit: March, 2016 Archive

Springtime for Sword of Moonlight!

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 by Holy at

Exit: Signs of life

Recently I concluded work, rewriting the Collada-DOM procedural code-generator. I’ve parked a pristine copy at the following address. This probably isn’t suited for a permanent address. (2016)

Earlier in March my Patreon home page for Sword of Moonlight gained its first real monthly backer, and it’s a doozy! None other than Mark C. Barnes, co-father of the Collada standard, and COLLADA: Sailing the Gulf of 3D Digital Content Creation. I hope that Mr. Barnes does not mind my saying so here, this way. However it’s very important to me/us and Sword of Moonlight, and I cannot think of a more fitting way for this adventure to begin its long awaited takeoff into ascendancy! (I also hope my recent rewrite of the pitch on the home page proved effective.)

Collada-DOM is a key component to Daedalus, which is the name of the 2016 initiative to focus laser-like on the content-creation element of Sword of Moonlight. To this end Collada-DOM will have to be fully reengineered, in order to prove itself up to the task. In doing so, I fully intend to elevate Collada to new heights at every step of the process. I want to add also, that I am supremely grateful for Collada; Even if it has a long way yet to go. It’s a far better boat to be in than the alternatives. (Arguably there is no alternative.)

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