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Friday, February 20th, 2015 by Holy at

Exit: Let there be light!

I had this for breakfast this morning. The graphic felt very Sword of Moonlight to me, owing to its emphasis on cyan and encompassing prism-refracted-like spectra of pale light. I understand some people take photographs of their breakfast, well this is as close as I’ll ever get to that. I like this graphic, it’s like a food pyramid/plate of obvious things mysteriously lost on a startling number of people/us.

It’s been quiet on this front page lately, too quiet. I hope to remedy that very soon, but I’m also glad to get a placeholder up to bide however much more time remains. Also, the C-span BookTV website was recently made dysfunctional. Kind of a let down for me after I first lost the C-span2 television channel after changing to a bare-bones package (C-span is non-commercial and arguably a civic right, Dish Network) years ago. Which means the links in the front page posts will be/are broken until I can repair them.

Oh! I was reminded of another program filmed by the same Seattle crew that I caught only a few days ago. I happened to put this on immediately after seeing Moonrise Kingdom. They complement each other really well in that order since MK is a hazy portrayal of the lost world which is the subject of this program:

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