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Exit: November, 2014 Archive

What happened?

Sunday, November 30th, 2014 by Holy at

Exit: November

Since sometime in October I’ve been busy working on a brand new first class tool for Sword of Moonlight. This tool will replace SOM_MAIN, or it actually is SOM_MAIN, only with something to do for a change!

What does it do? Glad you ask. It’s going to be a full featured graphical user interface for managing the gettext based game translation files. Since the translation files are limitless and can contain any text whatsoever, it’s wise to put your initial text in a translation file too, so that you end up with an orderly document containing all of the text in one place. Then you can replace the text scattered about all of the map files with links that will never have to be changed. In other words, the project files in this way can be made language neutral.

Just as you’d expect, the new SOM_MAIN text manager is independent of the project files. This way SOM_MAIN and SOM_EDIT (and its spawn) are able to complement each other. SOM_EDIT’s tools can open SOM_MAIN in a compact form to a particular piece of interesting text. You can also switch out of the compact mode or work entirely without SOM_EDIT or vice versa.

This release is taking so long because so many features are involved; more than I can list here. It’s going to take one more month to be release worthy / a fine way to end 2014.

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