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Arrested development

Monday, October 13th, 2014 by Holy at

Exit: This Mortal Coil

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

Last week I caught Print the Legend on Netflix. It’s a brand new film, and a Netflix Original, so odds are that’s the only way to see it for now or the time being. But what it also is is a tour de force of the perils and pitfalls of the fragile corporate ecosystem, what it means to insinuate yourself or your company into that system, and what you’d hope to gain or lose by doing so.

It’s about 3D printing, which is a relatively immature technology; presently it is where computers were at before the appearance of affordable personal computers. Whereas personal computer technology itself is at an incredibly advanced stage just on the cusp of realizing all its promises. There is a struggle between what metaphor to apply to 3D printing in the film and the community that is its subject, but that takes a backseat to the development of private and eventually public firms competing to dominate the theoretical market for these products.

What you get a glimpse into is just how grueling and unrewarding that process is. It is ultimately self destructive, because it is as the film illustrates, incredibly risky and highly dependent on numerous unpredictable factors coalescing at once. It’s pure chaos in other words. Why would anyone get on board with that? It’s debatable whether or not this approach is always necessary or what…

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