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Exit: September, 2014 Archive

Should you choose to accept it

Friday, September 19th, 2014 by Holy at

Exit: Multitask,

This release all but completes the push toward a total multitasking experience. Sometime ago it became possible to use all of the tools at the same time, and to minimize them individually to the Windows taskbar. In other words the kind of functionality users rightly expect.

This newfound ability opened the door to a number of minor paradoxes, namely that because each tool is its own program, whenever one of the tools is used to alter the project, the other tools will not be aware of the changes, even though the interactions are perfectly safe and sound.

This release addresses the bulk of those paradoxes, but not all. Not because what remains is too difficult to address, but just because it is deemed too trivial to address at this time. It will all be taken care of in due course, without any cause for celebration. This release does so by again focusing on the SOM_MAP tile setup screen exclusively…

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Whoa there. Not so fast!

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 by Holy at

Exit: King of KING'S FIELDs

Behold KING’S FIELD II in all of its resplendent glory!

This is a speed run on Youtube made by szsk. The picture is foggy and grey but otherwise it’s a great introduction to KF2 since you get to see so much of it in around 1hr flat. Of course the play is pretty unorthodox since it is a speed run after all…

But here is the thing. I don’t understand why I even have to argue with anyone that this is the best game ever spawned by the human race. It’s just so utterly gorgeous, nothing else even compares; having it all fired at you rapid fire just makes it all the more obvious, undeniably so, no mincing words.

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Done and Done.

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 by Holy at

Exit: Lean & Mean

A new release is online. It sheds the Glib DLL files which were previously required for in-game text translation and other services. The files are still in the TOOL folder just to smooth over the upgrade to the newer versions of SomEx’s DLL file. I’d love to remove them but I don’t see how.

In any case with the latest version they can be safely removed, and your wouldbe game won’t have any relation to the GPL or any other license whatsoever. I intend to keep things that way from here on out.

The Glib implementation came from the GIMP project, which is by far the most high profile Gnome project on Windows. Its “gettext” subsystem had up to this point been a liability, for under certain circumstances that were never understood it could cause a game’s framerate to plummet whenever some of its translated text appeared on screen…

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Out-group psychology

Monday, September 8th, 2014 by Holy at

Exit: In-group?

Okay, it’s “a very special episode” time. There are many very real impediments to fostering robust primarily-online communities and support networks. I want to take a timeout to highlight some of the worst of them. Perhaps from time to time.

Sword of Moonlight, the way I see it, is first and foremost about making video games, and doing so within the context of a wider community. That means the game you make is going to be mostly comprised of things that have been made by others, both before you and after you. This means that you can act out in antisocial ways, but if that’s what you want to do, then why choose Sword of Moonlight? It’s a misfit from the get go, and others will see you as just that. A misfit.

The way I see it is we either overcome these unwarranted and pathological and yes I’ll admit it, very human, weaknesses and maladaptations, or we scurry back into the dark recesses from whence we came defeated and deformed. Sword of Moonlight is a light showing us another way, out of the shadows and into the 21st century.

Apparently as the Youtube link says (courtesy PBS Digital Studios’ Game/Show) this week or so in gaming headlines has been met with cries of schism borne by displays of hatred and those on its receiving end. The talk of so-called Internet “trolls” reminded me of something I had heard or read about: a recent study that concludes trolls, or those of us who act out harmful schemes online, or a certain class of trolls seem to be animated by a self-maintained belief that they are inadequate in some way that they also regard as in someway central to their own identity…

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