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The road ahead

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 by Holy at

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I’ve worked with Sword of Moonlight alone, full-time, for three or four years. The pace of the work has been brisk, and exact, and one should not discount the sheer scale of the job. I’ve done so for one reason, and one reason alone. Because From Software dared to make manifest the single greatest thing I can imagine; to be sure, the best idea ever. And if I must make it so, then so be it.

Today there is a new SomEx release to be announced. But first I have to explain that from here on out I am going to have a more somber tone. As I have for the last time been roundly mistreated by people who speak of Sword of Moonlight online in English. As such I’ve found myself hereby bereft of good company. And without a shred of camaraderie it would be undue, frankly strange, to act as if there were more. So lighthearted/upbeat banter is out. Matter of fact status updates are in.

Until something changes anyway. Sword of Moonlight is far from ready for the general public, so I expect to be working alone for however long it takes. As far as I know no one else is working towards improvement. I will now make an effort to reach out to Japanese fans that I know of, to maybe build a bridge to those I don’t. And soon I am going to break ground on a new Sword of Moonlight Forge website to complement the Sword of Moonlight Press. The Forge will cater to the needs of any software developers, and facilitate bug/issue tracking.

The new release is, it is the first to improve the lot of Sword of Moonlight’s core tools. This one was two or three months in the making depending on how you count. A great deal of my time was diverted to corresponding with the maintainer of ResEdit in service of Sword of Moonlight. It was time well spent, and truth be told if there was ever an idea bigger than Sword of Moonlight it may well be ResEdit. In one possible future ResEdit handily challenges the supremacy of Microsoft’s crown jewel, and my own bread and butter, its Visual Studio product line…

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