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It's Work - Songs for Drella

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 by Holy at

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The musician Lou Reed has died. A legend of the New York rock scene, Reed co-founded The Velvet Underground before going on to a prolific solo career. In his later years, he took part in civil rights and environmental activism along with his wife, the musician and artist Laurie Anderson. In one of his final public appearances last month, Reed discussed the power of music to effect change.

“There’s only one great occupation that can change the world, that’s real rock ‘n’ roll. I believe to the bottom of my heart, the last cell, that rock ‘n’ roll can change everything. And I’m a graduate of Warhol University, and I believe in the power of punk. To this day, I want to blow it up. Thank you.” Lou Reed, 2013~1942

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The Year of the Controller

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 by Holy at

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Bury the lead:

Then there is this:

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Tool Gets New Release on Life

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 by Holy at

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…In other news, one King’s Field Making Tool gets a new lease on life:

A local townsperson took it upon themself to dust off the long discarded tool and give it a a fresh coat of paint. This follows on our story a year or two ago; the same eager townsperson was regarded mad after claiming the old relic could still be of use to us all. And wouldn’t you know it. Sure enough we had to eat our hats at the county fair later that year. Wasn’t that something? Do you remember when it was wheeled out center stage? No one believed it when that infernal thing got up and went.

Yes of course. We all do. But even so. While there was no doubt it could be made to work. Who has the patience for such contraptions at all in this day and age?! We cried out in unison. These fast times demand no fuss, no muss, don’t you agree we all agreed. You remember that don’t you?

Are you kidding? Of course I do. Who doesn’t? Why they’ll show us they cried right back. And sure enough, it seems that now that’s exactly what’s happened. Well if we are to believe our eyes and ears that is, sense of doubt and what have you, the new “Mark 2″ King’s Field Making Tool has been decked out with all the bells and whistles you could ever dream. And what’s more! It will be on display at the county fair. And what’s more! This time with the blessing of the Arts & Crafts Committee. And I for one know for certain I’ll be there front and center.

Laughs. We’ll all be there, it’s in our contract … Well that’s all the time we have today again today. But before we go. All of us here would like to take a moment to offer the cowed citizens of South North America a heartfelt happy healthcare (and mental care.) for all! And to all a good night.

Hey, that wasn’t… Inaudible.

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